Sunday, 28 February 2010

Make Light

Well, last night was entertaining.
I went out with some of my housemates and was enjoying it as I usually do.
At about 2am the previous night is catching up to me, my Girl Housemate notices and gives me a pill. 'get buzzed.' I swallow it without a drink. 10 minutes later we head to the toilets, Other Girl Housemate notices I'm tired. She hands me a bag. I take a key of MKat. 2 minutes later I feel a rush and my whole body wakes up.
I keep seeing a guy up at a booth looking at me. Blonde, tall, built, hot. Maybe he's just looking in the direction of the crowd, it's hard to tell. I take a toilet break, i see him follow. After said break i rejoin my friends and look up. He's still watching me, I don't try and hide the fact I'm looking straight at him. I flash a cheeky smile. I don't know if he sees.
Soon after i need another toilet break (The average number of toilet breaks on a night out is 28, alcohol goes straight through me), he follows again. I leave the toilets and turn around and he's there.

'I've noticed you following me, hi, I'm Andy'
'Hey, Mark :)'
'So, what do you do in there?' I say, pointing to the door to the booth.
'I work the lights, wanna come in?'
I wave to my friends as soon as I get the chance. I'd pointed Mark out to one of them earlier. They're all jealous, just how i like it.
We chat like we've known each other for years, it's so comfortable. He's funny, sarcastic, shy.
'Ok, what can i press?'
'Wanna mess with the strobes?'

'Hell yes.'
I start to create an epileptic's worst nightmare.

I stay there for the rest of the night, drinking his free beer, dancing, chatting.
It's 4.30am, the club is closing soon.
'What are you doing after this? I know a house party we're going to.'
'I've got to pack up my equipment, not sure if I'm going out, have to go to ---------- tomorrow'
'Let me get your number and I'll text you the address, let me know what you're doing'
I leave, I'm smiling.

We get to the house party, i text him the location.
It's suddenly 6.30am, I have work at 11. I leave the party and head home.

Me:'I've gone home for work tomorrow'
Mark:'Andy I'm really sorry. Just getting home now. Have you gone yet? I'm just behind Sainsburys.'

Me:'Yeah gone home :) no worries. Come to mine if you want, but I'm just going to sleep soon.'
Mark:'That's all good, you've got work tomorrow so unless you want me to come round I'll stay home. Sorry, I'm fucked tonight. Should have been more forward when i was with you, i think you're really really nice. Would you be up for going for a drink soon?'
Me:'If you want to come round then come :) But we'll just be sleeping. I think you're nice too :) would like to go for a drink some time.'

Mark:'All good, you've got work early tomorrow - I'm impressed you came to ---- given that! Let's go for a drink asap though. x'

I get to bed at 7.15am

Me:'Good morning :) haha I'm surprised i can actually stand up right now. Need to brave my way through work.'
Still no reply.

Saturday, 27 February 2010


S:'l6 vip'

Me:'---- is dirty and empty bit let me know if you want to come. We got v.i.p. Xx'
Girl Housemate:'Haha! as much as id love to roll around in some dirt with you, i bailed and im going to bed. night night :) x x'
Me:'Ha i'm coming home now. Can't stand any more. Xx'

SW:'U left?'
Me:'Home, work xxx'


I just went to bed and found this between my sheets...i love Girl Housemate.

I went to a club i hate with people i love. They can't get out of going to shitty clubs but I withstand it for their company. I left at 12.30am. When i got home Girl housemate had 3 friends over and 2 of my Girl Housemates were up so we drank/chatted a little. I have work in 8 hours so sleep is imminent.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Thank Fuck It's Friday

I treated you to some great eye candy yesterday so today's TFIF is a little tamer.

Show me your teeth.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


'you must send for your passport as we are now booking new york and will need to quote your number we are going on 5 july and have booked apartment will email link tomorrow x'

The only person i forgive for such destruction of sentence structure is my mother.

Why must you spring things on me like this? I'll get on it asap. Email link now? Xx'

I've not had a valid passport for 4 years. My old passport is likely in the hands of a homeless/underage/thieving person.
I need to find a passport photo booth and plan a day where i can look my best to get some photos.
I need to start saving for New York.

I Like It Rough

These pictures are dirty and I LOVE it.

Bring Me Your Love

Due to abristolnovella's comment i feel the need to share this.
Listen to it and enjoy every second.


Today is, so far, epically bleak.
I was awoken by the guitar strum on my phone at 8.00am. Snoozed, got up at 8.15am and entered my education environment at 9.00am.
Did some experimenting for 3 hours then went to the library to finish off some work. At 12.28pm i handed it in, walked home, made scrambled eggs on toast and a cigarette. Devouring them both in 2 breaths.
Since then I've been working on my dissertation, It currently stands at a whopping 440 words.

I just walked into my girl housemate's room and she was crying. She said her family were pissing her off, which is understandable, considering her father is a racist homophobe and her younger brother is most likely a closet drag queen.
I did what every concerning friend would do, patted her on the head, asked her the question i intended to ask when i went in, then left her to suppress the emotion into some black hole.

When i say girl housemate, it could be any of 8. In this blog, they count as 1.

I've also bought a ticket for a night out on Saturday, £15.25 entry, but it will be worth not eating for 2 days.

I'm currently listening to:Bat for Lashes-Two Suns album on repeat

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Road

I just returned from the local picture house where i saw The Road.

The film started.
Nothing interesting happened.
The film ended.

I would like my 2 hours back Europa Cinema.

I did enjoy one line from the movie;
'Do you ever wish you would die?'
'No, It's foolish to ask for luxuries in times like these.'

I also enjoyed one line from one of my housemates.
An advert was shown depicting a boy who talked about wanting to be a magician.
Girl housemate:'That child needs to get laid.'

I'm listening to:City and Colour-Waiting...

Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan Wo

Climb The Stairs Of Quiet Days.

One my favourite movies is Battle Royale.
It's premise is about a 'game' called The Program. Basically a way of instilliing random, histeric fear into the Japanese population. Every year a group of school children are chosen to take part in the event which consists of a fight to the death.
That's the basic outline, wiki it or something if you want to know more.
Anyway, I watched this maybe 6 years ago and it captivated me. Not only because i find Japenese girls insanely attractive (if i was a girl i'd want to be a small, skinny Japanese girl with killer legs, quirky fashion, and insane bangs), but because I couldn't stop thinking about what i would do in this situation.
I'd either be the first to die because i just don't give a shit, i'd probably just try and get some action with a guy i fancy and end up getting an axe to the head.
Or i'd get drawn into it and take things way too seriously. I don't think i'd win, i'm just not that aggressive, but i'd get pretty far.

In any case, check it out if you haven't. It's not everyone's type of film, it's in Japanese, subtitles English. It's available on DVD, but it looks like this guy has uploaded it all to YouTube. Thanks this guy.

Check out the trailer and one of my favourite songs from the movie below:

Tent In Your Pants

Yesterday i went to my first lecture, died a little inside, then went home.
If i'd have gone to the second lecture i may not be here to write this.
Thank God for willpower.

When i got to my lecture i sat down next to a girl who i have occasional conversations with just so i have someone to sit next to in lectures.
'You look like a pirate on crack.' She says, looking at what I'm wearing.
This is either due to the fact that i dressed all in black, in mourning of my life/sanity that day. Or she was trying to be witty. I'd say neither.
My style has also been described by others as; farmer chic, killer sailor, preppy goth, and various other oxymorons.
I resent them all.

My wardrobe includes lots of denim (denim on denim is underrated), shirts and polos which must be buttoned to the top, military boots and trainers from the early 90s. I don't think a pirate/farmer/sailor/goth would be caught dead in these (I steal them from the corpses or pirates/farmers/sailors/goths)

Also, things i hate: people who add 'on crack' onto the end of comments in an effort to make them witty.
'He's like a smurf......on crack!'
'She runs like a gazelle....on crack!'
'I'm so fucked, I'm.....on crack!'
It's not funny.

This blog is taking a turn for the worst.
Stay tuned for my ultimate demise.

Today, I've added 93 songs to my iTunes.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Keep The Dream Alive

I have a document with a list of books i want to buy and read. It's currently only at 28, one of them is The Bible.
I usually only read during summer, any other time, if I have nothing to do i need to spend it doing Uni work. If i was better at organising myself i could probably get some reading in, but i'm not.
So right now it's just a list. As soon as i finish Uni i'm going to work down the list, i want to have a book with me wheverever i go. I want a bookshelf full of classics and novels people have never heard of. 1) To make people jealous. 2) To make myself happy.
This will happen, I am sure of it.
Right now the best book i've read is Running With Scissors.
Any suggestions are welcome.


Depending on my reflection i'll go into uni for my next lecture. If i'm dissapointed i'll have a shower then reconsider for my second lecture.


I've done a few posts recently about music, that's because when i have a lot of work to do i usually spend a bit of time organising my music so i have a good playlist to have on in the background.
So here's a few of my choices at the moment, some old, some new.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
New York based band i've listened to for a while, i'm sure you probably know them. I've been addicted to their latests album 'It's Blitz!'
Head Will Roll-


Band from the USA, no idea where. They're similar to hellogoodbye, but there's only one song i've found that i actually like which is below. They have a cover of Tegan & Sara's 'Back In Your Head' which is just awful.
Don't Quit! Not Quite!-

Another guy from America is Chris Garneau. His folky pop is just great, a little weird, and beautiful.
The amazingly strange 'Fireflies'-

We Don't Try-

Monday, 22 February 2010

A Beautiful Mess

I've just been sitting on my bed, catching up with the goings on of the internet, looked to my right and noticed the utter chaos that is my bedroom floor.
Things i can see may or may not include:
2 pairs of jeans
an iron
4 DVDs-Little Miss Sunshine, The Hangover, American Beauty & Girl, Interrupted
7 black socks
A pair of brown military boots
the left foot of a pair of white high top trainers
2 uni textbooks, one of which consists of around 1500 pages of bullshit, and the other one, 700 pages of nonsense.
a khaki coloured all saints shirt
3 notepads
a borders carrier bag
a piece of wood from my headboard

I cleaned my room on Saturday, my life is a mess at the moment.

No Matter What They Say

I just polished off a tub of Cheescake Brownie ice cream, i think i deserved it for the mound of work i've ploughed through today.

I was looking for a number someone had text me the other day and came across a few texts from Saturday night. Usually, the morning after, i check my calls and messages to make sure i didn't do too much drunken damage. Here's what i found:

Me:'I just saw JP in ----. He came and said hi, good times haha xx'
S:'Omg! Ask him if he knws me lok? i love it! i miss u? x'

L:'Aaahhhh jahennna! xx'

Me:'It is a requirement that we dance right now. What is your loacation. xx'
later text after i left for home:
L2:'Hope you get home safe. Let me know when you do :) love you x'
Me:'NO! HELP!'
5 minutes later:
Me:'Jokes, i'm totally fine, home now'

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Some of you may have noticed that most of the titles to my entries are song titles. If you didn't, now you do. The reason? There is none. But i do love music, it's my obsession. I'm constantly looking for new music that excites me.
My taste is pretty diverse, people usually comment when looking through my iPod with 'there's a fucking strange mix on here'
SO, i wanna know what you think I should listen to.
I'm putting up my top played songs on iTunes to give you an idea of the music i like, so if you know any similar artists, or just random people you think i'll like, then let me know.

1:Florence & The Machine-You've Got The Love
2:Adele:Crazy For You
3:Lily Allen-22
4:Tegan And Sara-Walking With A Ghost
5:Tegan And Sara-Back In Your Head
6:Steve Appleton-Dirty Funk
7:Frankmusik-Better Off As Two
8:Metro Station-Kelsey
9:Kid British-Elizabeth
10:Lykke Li-Little Bit
11:The Cure-Boys Don't Cry
12:Imogen Heap-Speeding Cars
13:The Cure-Close To You
14:Regina Spektor-Fidelity
15:The Strokes-You Only Live Once
16:Ladyhawke-My Delirium
17:Kenna-Say Goodbye To Love
18:Santogold-L.E.S Artists
19:Cage The Elephant-Aint No Rest For The Wicked
20:Jamie T-Back In The Game

Now, i rarely play a full song on my iPod so it's more likely that these 'top played' songs are just on the playlist that i put on at work. But i think they give a good idea of some of my favourite music, give or take a couple of songs.
I also enjoy:Kings Of Leon, Amy Winehouse, The Knife, Empire Of The Sun, Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, Young Love, No Doubt, Deadmau5e, Kimya Dawson, Feist, Passion Pit, Owl City....

EDIT:I missed number 10:Robyn-Who's That Girl, so push all the others down one. Not that you really care, but i like things to be right :)


I have mixed feelings on tattoos. If they're done right, i fucking love them, but sometimes they can can be awful.
If it suits the guy it can be a huge turn on for me, i love nice sleeves.
Personally i have 1 tattoo. I have a star on my wrist, i got it done when i was 17, and i always hear that it's so cliché but it has a lot of meaning behind it.
My cousins and I all got it done when my uncle passed away 4 years ago, he had the same tattoo on his wrist.
I want another one, I've wanted a particular tattoo for awhile now, so i think I'm pretty sure I'm set on it. I'm not religious in any way, but my mum has always been very interested in Buddhism, and the tattoo i want has a small connection to this.
I think everyone has different preferences for tattoos, some hate them, some love them, i think most are probably somewhere in the middle like me.
What do you think about tattoos?

Into The Nightlife

Last Friday was fun, I drank 4 cans of cider and a bit of vodka before going out. We got to the club at about 12.30 and it was packed. I'd promised myself i'd stop drinking at 1am so i got 2 double vodkas and then stopped.
The music was great, usually i really don't like Dub Step, but this was pretty tame, had a good beat and the atmosphere was pretty mad which i like. Most of the people i were with had taken something so i knew i'd probably be leaving before most of them lol.
At 3 i was starting to feel the previous night catching up with me, so i left the club and went home to bed, ready for work at 9. I didn't manage to get to sleep until 5, for some reason i always stay up watching shit on my laptop no matter how tired i am.
I woke up at 8 and thankfully wasn't hungover, just tired. While i was getting ready for work one of my housemate's rang me and was at the front door with 2 of my other housemates and one of their friends, they were just getting in.
When i got into work i found out i actually was only supposed to be working 1-5.....
My supervisor said i could just work 9-1 and go home, thank god. Best news i could have possible heard haha
Saturday night i just stayed in and watched a few movies. Last night a girl i work with invited me to go watch her friend who was playing in a cool little café but I had lots of reading to catch up with for Uni.
I have today off, which is good because i've got way too much work that needs doing.

Not sure what i'm up to this week, gonna try and get a night sorted with one of my friends i've not seen for a month or so. The one who's friends with Curls.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

You And Whose Army?

For some reason this is one of my all time favorite porn scenes. I'm not sure why, the guys aren't insanely hot, but they're pretty good looking. I think i like how amateur it feels, i always prefer amateur porn over highly edited, airbrushed looking stuff. This one's called Soldier Sleepover and comes from Active Duty.
Enjoy :)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Thank Fuck It's Friday

Picture Perfect

VW sent me this last night :)
The gig was great, lots of drink was consumed. There was no chance i was making it to Uni today haha
I'm out for my housemate's birthday tonight, i'm going to limit myself, can't drink too much because of work tomorrow. I know my housemate's are hitting it hard tonight so they'll probably still be up when i'm on my way out tomorrow morning.....

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tied Up Too Tight

I'm spreading myself too thin lately, and it's affecting my work.
I've been out for a meal tonight for one of my housemate's 21st's. It's 2am and i have a class at 9, which i'll probably miss. I have a 5000 word essay due in on friday (thankfully only the first draft) which i haven't even started yet so i will have to do that when i eventually get back from labs tomorrow. First though, i have to drive home because i'm going to a gig tomorrow night. I'll be going out after so i'll be missing the first 3 hours of labs on friday.
After driving back to Uni and going to the second 3 hours it's back home, hopefully for a little nap, then getting ready to go out for my housemate's birthday night out.
I'm working on Saturday 9-6, then i have drive back to my family home again to go out for one of my other friend's 21st's.
Typing this out is just reminding me of how tired i'll probably be over the next few days.
So apologies if i don't post much (or anything) until Sunday, but hopefully i'll have something good to say.
Have a great weekend :D

Do You Remember

I sometimes use a program which allows me to watch shows on (they're not supposed to be available in the UK), and I've been watching My Life As Liz. It's just my sort of show, witty humour, full of sarcasm, and a quirky main character.
It got me thinking about my high school experience,I don't have to remember that far back, i only left 3 years ago, but i think I've changed so much since then.
I had a good group of close friends, but kind of flitted between different groups. There were 5 or 6 of us that would hang around a lot in and out of school, then there was one guy who I'd known since we were 7, and I'd see him mostly out of school because I wasn't really friends with his group in school. Then there was another girl who i was good friends with who i still see all the time and I'd now consider her one of my best friends.
However i don't think i was ever fully myself in school, i let other people affect how i would act. There were a lot of dicks in my school and i just kind of adopted the attitude of 'i don't give a shit about most of the people here so I'm not really going to put in any effort into even acknowledging them.'
I remember one guy chatting to me once in year 11 (16 years old), he was part of the 'popular' group, when actually noone really liked them, most of them talked about eachother behind their backs, yet they still thought they were the shit.
For some reason he said to me 'you don't really like me do you?'
Now one thing i can say hasn't changed about me is that i've always been pretty point blank, i don't bullshit to people to their face, if i don't really like them they know it.
'No, not particularly'
'Why? I don't get it?' i don't know why he was surprised, i thought it was pretty obvious we were in completely different circles.
'I just don't'

I'm actually quite good friends with his younger brother now, we're usually at the same clubs when i go back home during the holidays.
Anyways, since starting uni i've only really stayed in proper contact with 3 people from high school. The one girl who i'm really close to, the guy i've known for years, and one girl from my original group.
When i do go home i avoid going out to clubs in my town because i know people from my old school will be there, and i have no desire to have to have some weird hello and pretend we ever even talked to eachother in school.
I'm sounding like a huge dick in this, i probably am haha

I've made a great group of friends at uni, the kind of friends you know you'll have for life, so i see no point in pretending to be friendly to people when you both know you never really liked eachother.

Back to Liz, i don't think anyone in high school is actually like her, i thought this when i watched Juno. No 16 year old is that sure of themselves, i wish i was. But it's a great program, looking forward to the rest of the series.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Last Night

It's 4pm, I'm in bed.
Last night was messy, my i took my sister and her friend to a gay club. A mate from work met us out with his housemates who i know, so there was quite a few of us in the group.
I saw a guy I'd met about 6 months ago. His name's Parker. I met him when i was at a gig back where i used to live, i was with one of my friends and we went out after the gig and met him in a bar. We ended up going back to the apartment he had for the night with his friend, just drinking a bit in there then headed home.
Afterwards he added me on facebook and he started at my university last September. He's 24 i think, spent a few years working for his dad's company then started uni.
I've seen him out a few times this year but only said quick hellos. He's pretty good looking, a little taller than me, always has some nice stubble.
So I saw him last night and we spent the rest of the night together in the club, just dancing.
I lost him towards the end of the night and left the club with my sister when it closed at about 4am. When i was at home i text him saying 'it was good to see you tonight', then he rang me. He said he and his mate were drinking back at his place which was about 5 minutes walk away. So i got my jacket and walked over. We were just drinking, smoking, taking some some poppers, and at about 7 his mate left.

I asked him if he wanted me to go so he could sleep, yeah, i knew he wanted me to stay but i didn't want to be so obvious. He said i could stay at his so we went up to his room.
As soon as we got undressed to our boxers we started kissing and went over to the bed. We spent a good 10 minutes eating face and then i started moving down his chest. I pulled his boxers over his dick and took it in my hand.
Then he stopped me....
'No, i'm way too drunk, let's get some sleep first.'
I wasn't really bothered, i was wasted too, but we could've messed around a little, whatever.
So we just went to sleep with our arms and legs around eachother. It felt great sleeping next to someone, having a hot guy's body right next to me. I told you i was horny haha, it had been way too long.
I woke up at 2.30pm, and lay in bed a bit longer, he was next to me and said 'morning mate'. I knew we weren't going to do anything, i had a banging headache and dry mouth, it wouldn't have been nice lol
He told me he'd had a shower at like 8, so maybe he was hoping for something.
We chatted a bit, and i went to find my phone and had like 3 missed calls and 10 texts.
Oh, one of the texts was from Kirk, he was out last night as well, he was just telling me he's got me the lecture notes from the lecture i'd missed at 2.
My sister had text me saying her and her mate had left to go back home.
I got dressed and gathered up my stuff, when i was leaving I told Parker we should go out more, we hugged and i left.
A few minutes later he text me,
'Deffo sort a drink soon dude if ya like.'
We'll see what happens.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Fuck Love, Love Fuck

Happy Valentines Day.....
Even if i was with someone i still don't see the point in this holiday. My sister and her friend are staying with me for a few days and we went for a meal with all my housemates. 10 singletons (my sister's boyfriend is away skiing) in a restaurant full of tables for 2. We had a lot of fun.
I was going to take my sister out tonight but i'm so tired after last night so maybe i will tomorrow.
I went to a house party last night, drank way too much, had a bit of weed and a couple of balloons of laughing gas. Had to go home at 2 so i could get up for work today.
Hopefully i'll be up for going out tomorrow, I want to take my sister and her friend to a great club here. They're only 16 but they've borrowed some I.Ds so they should get in fine haha

I've got a meeting with my tutor at uni tomorrow, got my exam results on friday and it wasn't good. I hope i still have a chance to pass this year, i can't handle being in Uni for another year. I need to move on.

On a side note: I need to hook up soon, it's been too long and i'm gagging for it lmao

Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday, 5 February 2010

Thank Fuck It's Friday

I had a busy day yesterday, lots of little things to do.
I've got a full day at Uni today, then it's straight home to get ready to drive with all my housemates to Manchester (about 45 minutes away) to go out for one of their birthdays. We're all staying in one of our friends' houses so that should be fun.
We're going to this little indie club, and you know how i like Indie boys!
I'll let you know about it tomorrow, i know it's going to be messy.

Other than that; thank fuck it's Friday!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Like You'll Never See Me Again

I went to one of my new classes today. I'm in my third year but this class is a second year class, but because of the course i do i take it this year. I was sat down and saw Kirk come in. He was in the same year as me but failed his second year and is repeating it.
Just over a year ago, I was out in a club and saw Kirk. He's about 6ft, blonde hair, runs a lot and has the body to prove it. I didn't know if he was straight or gay but a girl i know told me she had made out with him once when they were both drunk.
So i saw him and he came and joined me and my friends, dancing, drinking, whatever.
After awhile i went to the bar to get a drink and he came with me, handed me some cash asked me to get his as well. I was stood at the front of the bar and he was stood behind me. I felt him put his hand on my waist. Now this wasn't all that weird, people can be touchy feely, and the club was pretty crowded so he was probably being pushed against me. But then he started slowly rubbing my waist, so i put my hand over his to see if he was meaning to do this. He carried on.
I got our drinks and went back to my friends with him. A short time after he put his face to the side of mine and said 'I want to go home with you tonight'.
Hells yeah! As far as i can remember it'd been at least 5 months since i'd hooked up with someone so I replied 'For sure, whatever you want man'
We got back to my house later in the night and went straight to my room. Now we were both pretty drunk, it was all kissing and hands, nothing too heavy. We went to sleep after a nice session messing around.

I'm pretty good with awkwared situations, I tend not to let things bother me, so morning afters aren't too wierd for me. We just got dressed, i made some breakfast and he left.
Then i realised i'd have to see him pretty much every day in Uni. Great.

Fortunately he seemed to not be bothered about it. We'd still just have friendly conversations and see eachother out and nothing would happen. We both knew it was a 1 night thing.
A few weeks later i was in my house alone over Easter and had just finished work. I got a text from him asking if i was going out tonight. I said i hadn't planned on it but kinda wanted to. So we decided to have some drinks at mine and go out.
When we got out we were dancing and drinking in this gay club and he started chatting to this guy and making out. I did my own thing, danced with random people and ended up speaking to this other guy. Turns out the guys we were speaking to lived together. We both ended up going back to their place and were fucking in adjacent rooms haha.
The guy i was with was at least 30 ( i saw something in his room and asked what it was, he said he'd got it as a 30th birthday present), i've still never found out his exact age but i'd have never guessed he was even 25. His body was amazing.

What's the moral of this story?
Oh, if you can help it, Don't fuck where you sleep/work/study. You may regret it.
I don't particularly regret what happened with Kirk, but i kinda wish it'd never happened, if you know what i mean.
Shortly after, Kirk came out as bi.

I'm listening to: Lauryn Hill-Everything is Everything

Monday, 1 February 2010