Monday, 22 February 2010

Into The Nightlife

Last Friday was fun, I drank 4 cans of cider and a bit of vodka before going out. We got to the club at about 12.30 and it was packed. I'd promised myself i'd stop drinking at 1am so i got 2 double vodkas and then stopped.
The music was great, usually i really don't like Dub Step, but this was pretty tame, had a good beat and the atmosphere was pretty mad which i like. Most of the people i were with had taken something so i knew i'd probably be leaving before most of them lol.
At 3 i was starting to feel the previous night catching up with me, so i left the club and went home to bed, ready for work at 9. I didn't manage to get to sleep until 5, for some reason i always stay up watching shit on my laptop no matter how tired i am.
I woke up at 8 and thankfully wasn't hungover, just tired. While i was getting ready for work one of my housemate's rang me and was at the front door with 2 of my other housemates and one of their friends, they were just getting in.
When i got into work i found out i actually was only supposed to be working 1-5.....
My supervisor said i could just work 9-1 and go home, thank god. Best news i could have possible heard haha
Saturday night i just stayed in and watched a few movies. Last night a girl i work with invited me to go watch her friend who was playing in a cool little café but I had lots of reading to catch up with for Uni.
I have today off, which is good because i've got way too much work that needs doing.

Not sure what i'm up to this week, gonna try and get a night sorted with one of my friends i've not seen for a month or so. The one who's friends with Curls.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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