Monday, 25 January 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

First day of my last semester at Uni. I have today off haha. This is the first time i've had a timetabled day off the whole time i've been at university, sucks that it's on a Monday though, because there's very few places to go out on Sundays.

I'll just get caught up with what went on at the weekend; I went out on Saturday night for some Japenese food with people from work, it's my supervisors wedding next weekend so we were celebrating. After the meal we went to a bar which i really don't like. It's expensive, small, and the people that go there just annoy me. I had an awkward encounter with a guy i went to college with, (the awkwardness came from me not recognising him when he was stood right in front of me smiling and saying my took me a good 30 seconds to realise who he was), and i just wasn't really enojoying it. Plus i had work the next day so i didn't want to stay out too long.

I made my excuses and left at about 11, but a few minutes after i left the bar and was walking home i got a text from one of my friends saying she was out and seeing where i was. She was at a nice little place nearby, so i said i'd come for a drink.
I love this bar, and a few around it, because the crowd's quite alternative, the music's great, and it's pretty cheap.
I just love indie guys, there's so much eye candy in these places. I guess that's another one of my types.

So anyway, i got there and there were 3 of my friends with her who i'd not seen in months (i know them through her). So i knew i'd probably end up getting pretty messy. 1 drink turned into 2, which turned into about 10.
I ended up getting rediculously drunk and going home at 3, i love having 5 hours sleep and working with a hangover....

Shall we perv on some indie boys?

Pictures courtesy of the magnificent EastVillageBoys blog

I'm listening to: Lykke Li-Little Bit

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