Thursday, 25 February 2010


Today is, so far, epically bleak.
I was awoken by the guitar strum on my phone at 8.00am. Snoozed, got up at 8.15am and entered my education environment at 9.00am.
Did some experimenting for 3 hours then went to the library to finish off some work. At 12.28pm i handed it in, walked home, made scrambled eggs on toast and a cigarette. Devouring them both in 2 breaths.
Since then I've been working on my dissertation, It currently stands at a whopping 440 words.

I just walked into my girl housemate's room and she was crying. She said her family were pissing her off, which is understandable, considering her father is a racist homophobe and her younger brother is most likely a closet drag queen.
I did what every concerning friend would do, patted her on the head, asked her the question i intended to ask when i went in, then left her to suppress the emotion into some black hole.

When i say girl housemate, it could be any of 8. In this blog, they count as 1.

I've also bought a ticket for a night out on Saturday, £15.25 entry, but it will be worth not eating for 2 days.

I'm currently listening to:Bat for Lashes-Two Suns album on repeat

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