Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tent In Your Pants

Yesterday i went to my first lecture, died a little inside, then went home.
If i'd have gone to the second lecture i may not be here to write this.
Thank God for willpower.

When i got to my lecture i sat down next to a girl who i have occasional conversations with just so i have someone to sit next to in lectures.
'You look like a pirate on crack.' She says, looking at what I'm wearing.
This is either due to the fact that i dressed all in black, in mourning of my life/sanity that day. Or she was trying to be witty. I'd say neither.
My style has also been described by others as; farmer chic, killer sailor, preppy goth, and various other oxymorons.
I resent them all.

My wardrobe includes lots of denim (denim on denim is underrated), shirts and polos which must be buttoned to the top, military boots and trainers from the early 90s. I don't think a pirate/farmer/sailor/goth would be caught dead in these (I steal them from the corpses or pirates/farmers/sailors/goths)

Also, things i hate: people who add 'on crack' onto the end of comments in an effort to make them witty.
'He's like a smurf......on crack!'
'She runs like a gazelle....on crack!'
'I'm so fucked, I'm.....on crack!'
It's not funny.

This blog is taking a turn for the worst.
Stay tuned for my ultimate demise.

Today, I've added 93 songs to my iTunes.

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Michael Rivers said...

Yeah, the "on crack" punchline has gotten a bit old.