Monday, 22 February 2010

No Matter What They Say

I just polished off a tub of Cheescake Brownie ice cream, i think i deserved it for the mound of work i've ploughed through today.

I was looking for a number someone had text me the other day and came across a few texts from Saturday night. Usually, the morning after, i check my calls and messages to make sure i didn't do too much drunken damage. Here's what i found:

Me:'I just saw JP in ----. He came and said hi, good times haha xx'
S:'Omg! Ask him if he knws me lok? i love it! i miss u? x'

L:'Aaahhhh jahennna! xx'

Me:'It is a requirement that we dance right now. What is your loacation. xx'
later text after i left for home:
L2:'Hope you get home safe. Let me know when you do :) love you x'
Me:'NO! HELP!'
5 minutes later:
Me:'Jokes, i'm totally fine, home now'

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