Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I've done a few posts recently about music, that's because when i have a lot of work to do i usually spend a bit of time organising my music so i have a good playlist to have on in the background.
So here's a few of my choices at the moment, some old, some new.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
New York based band i've listened to for a while, i'm sure you probably know them. I've been addicted to their latests album 'It's Blitz!'
Head Will Roll-


Band from the USA, no idea where. They're similar to hellogoodbye, but there's only one song i've found that i actually like which is below. They have a cover of Tegan & Sara's 'Back In Your Head' which is just awful.
Don't Quit! Not Quite!-

Another guy from America is Chris Garneau. His folky pop is just great, a little weird, and beautiful.
The amazingly strange 'Fireflies'-

We Don't Try-

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