Thursday, 23 September 2010

Face & Body

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm wearing brown leather deck shoes, camel chinos, a brown leather Vivienne Westwood belt, and a tucked in blue denim All Saints shirt. I'm leant against a barrier outside a usual haunt smoking a roll up while J is inside dancing with a friend.
'Excuse me?'
I look up. A boy, slightly taller than me, dark hair, ok looking.
'Hey, I wasn't going to talk to you, you look really posh.'
'I'm from ------, I'm not posh.'
'Oh haha, how are you?'
'I'm good.' I look away, take a last drag on my cigarette and start to walk away.
'Oh, cya.'

It's 2 days later and I'm back in the same area of the city with J. We're at a bar we used to go to every week. We're stood at the bar. The owner is behind the bar in front of us, she brings a shot of tequila to me and winks. I take it and smile at her as she leans over the bar and kisses me on the cheek.

It's 4 days later and J and I are in a club. We met a boy who J works with. The boy who J's ex was jealous of because he used to be straight and is now bi. But J's never done anything with him. I'm dancing to The Cure with the boy's friends and go outside to find J. The boy has his hands in J's sweater and is nuzzling J's neck. I laugh to myself but then focus on someone standing 10 feet away from J. It's A, J's ex. The boy walks away and then J sees A.
(J relays the conversation to me after the event)
J walks over to A, 'What the fuck are you doing here?'
A: 'I was picking up --- from town. What the hell are you doing with him?'
J: 'I'll do whatever the fuck I want, what is it to to?'
A: 'I miss you J, I want you back, i'm so depressed.'
J: 'Well you didn't want me the times you were out pulling other guys, so don't give me that shit A.'
A: 'What the fuck is Andy looking at? Why does he look so pissed off with me?'
J: 'A, What do you expect? All my family are going to be like that. You cheated on me, and you better hope for your sake that you don't meet my sister or ----- because they will actually kick the shit out of you.'
A walks away and J walks towards me laughing.
We go back inside and the boy pours some vodka from a hipflask into my double, making it a quadruple. I like this boy.

3 days later, and i'm en route to Leeds with J. We're staying with an ex girl housemate of mine and meeting a few people I used to work with for drinks. A new boy who started just after I left is there. He's striaght but totally twinky, not my usual type but I can't stop looking at his beautiful face. We go on to a club and J can't believe places like exist. J is pretty commercial when it comes to music/clubs so this indie dive is something he's never experiences. He gets annoyed when people bump into him, I tell him to ignore it. He doesn't like that he doesn't know 1 single song, I tell him to dance anyway.

2 days later and we're back in a bar. We see our friend JD, stood next to a boy in white boxer-briefs selling shots. We walk over. It's the boy who J's seen on the internet with someone pulling a metal chain out of his ass. His body's pretty hot, but his face is pretty average. He gives us a shot because he's going to take all the money from sales and run, instead of giving his share back to the company he's working for. J shows me the videos of him when we get back that night. We both agree that he's dirt, but would probably still fuck him.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Things I can't do right now because I have no money:

  • Get that tattoo of a The Smiths lyric around my calf, and maybe that chest tattoo I've designed.
  • Get an Eurail ticket so I can go travelling with 2 friends for a month.
  • Buy the many pieces of clothing I want/need from Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry.
  • Pay for prints of my New York trip and buy frames to make a wall display.
  • Get 3 books I want from amazon.
  • Get petrol to drive to Leeds for a night out with ex-work colleagues.
  • Pay my phone bill. (I'm managing to make them keep me connected by saying I'm waiting for a student loan, which I don't have)

Who says money doesn't buy happiness? I'm relatively happy now, but those things would increase it 5 fold.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Friday, 3 September 2010



JR and I miss the first train into Manchester because she's painting a rainbow on my arm and I'm painting a rainbow flower on her face.
We arrive, find a spot and see JD; the boy who has boundary issues. His friend hands me a card. It's asking me to apply to be a porn star.
'JD, where do you find these people?'

We meet up with my friend from uni and her 2 mates. I see a girl from Liverpool I used to work with. It's a gay ol' time and much fun was had.


L (ex-housemate) and I arrive at J's house at 6pm. We have 3 drinks then head into the city for around 7.30pm. We see a boy being dragged out of the Pride barriers as we arrive.
We get a drink from a bar and take it to the performance section (car park) because it's a great atmosphere. We watch Kelis' set (which was amazing, surprised me), drink and smoke lots, chat to everyone around us. I see a boy that J and I saw singing at an open mic night at a pub a few weeks earlier. We recognised him then and I thought it was because he was maybe 2 years above us in school. It seemed like he kind of knew who I was as well, I was sure my cousin knew him. So we saw him there and it got me excited. He's hella good looking, totally 'indie', very masculine, and above all that sings and plays the guitar. Hello. We couldn't really stand near to him but it was still light out so we found a spot and I positioned myself so I could see him. I found myself just staring at him, and we met eyes so many times, it seemed like he was trying to look at me too. Either he loved me or he was scared of me. I asked my cousin the day after but he had no idea who I was talking about.
We bar/club hopped until about 4am then stayed at J's house.
The next Morning L threw up and then came back into the bedroom:
'Andy, we have about 20 minutes until I throw up again, please, let's go now.'
(She's never been to J's house before and only met him once so she was kind of embarrassed.

I go home, shower etc. and go back to J's at about 5pm for a barbecue with friends and family.
J's cousin, sister, and her 2 mates who are close friends all tell me they're so glad J and A are over. I'm slightly scared for A because if they saw him he'd probably be punched. They ask me if I still feel bad for telling him and I say no. They say I shouldn't be, it was the right thing to do. They'd expect any of the other to say anything if it happened to them.
We drink all evening and it ends up being me, J, J's father, J's mother, J's uncle, and a family friend all around the dining table at around 1am just chatting and drinking. When the rest go to bed J and I stay up for awhile talking. J shows me his profile on a gay site. He says he's quite excited to finally be single, and I hijack his laptop and browse the people (by closest first, obviously). J makes a profile for me, all it is so far is a username, I haven't written anything or put a photo up.

I'm going back to Leeds this weekend to see L's new flat. I'm going with a mutual friend and the weather's been great so we're going to sit in a field and have a picnic, get pissed, then go for Sunday lunch the next day.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010