Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tied Up Too Tight

I'm spreading myself too thin lately, and it's affecting my work.
I've been out for a meal tonight for one of my housemate's 21st's. It's 2am and i have a class at 9, which i'll probably miss. I have a 5000 word essay due in on friday (thankfully only the first draft) which i haven't even started yet so i will have to do that when i eventually get back from labs tomorrow. First though, i have to drive home because i'm going to a gig tomorrow night. I'll be going out after so i'll be missing the first 3 hours of labs on friday.
After driving back to Uni and going to the second 3 hours it's back home, hopefully for a little nap, then getting ready to go out for my housemate's birthday night out.
I'm working on Saturday 9-6, then i have drive back to my family home again to go out for one of my other friend's 21st's.
Typing this out is just reminding me of how tired i'll probably be over the next few days.
So apologies if i don't post much (or anything) until Sunday, but hopefully i'll have something good to say.
Have a great weekend :D

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