Monday, 15 February 2010

Fuck Love, Love Fuck

Happy Valentines Day.....
Even if i was with someone i still don't see the point in this holiday. My sister and her friend are staying with me for a few days and we went for a meal with all my housemates. 10 singletons (my sister's boyfriend is away skiing) in a restaurant full of tables for 2. We had a lot of fun.
I was going to take my sister out tonight but i'm so tired after last night so maybe i will tomorrow.
I went to a house party last night, drank way too much, had a bit of weed and a couple of balloons of laughing gas. Had to go home at 2 so i could get up for work today.
Hopefully i'll be up for going out tomorrow, I want to take my sister and her friend to a great club here. They're only 16 but they've borrowed some I.Ds so they should get in fine haha

I've got a meeting with my tutor at uni tomorrow, got my exam results on friday and it wasn't good. I hope i still have a chance to pass this year, i can't handle being in Uni for another year. I need to move on.

On a side note: I need to hook up soon, it's been too long and i'm gagging for it lmao

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