Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Like You'll Never See Me Again

I went to one of my new classes today. I'm in my third year but this class is a second year class, but because of the course i do i take it this year. I was sat down and saw Kirk come in. He was in the same year as me but failed his second year and is repeating it.
Just over a year ago, I was out in a club and saw Kirk. He's about 6ft, blonde hair, runs a lot and has the body to prove it. I didn't know if he was straight or gay but a girl i know told me she had made out with him once when they were both drunk.
So i saw him and he came and joined me and my friends, dancing, drinking, whatever.
After awhile i went to the bar to get a drink and he came with me, handed me some cash asked me to get his as well. I was stood at the front of the bar and he was stood behind me. I felt him put his hand on my waist. Now this wasn't all that weird, people can be touchy feely, and the club was pretty crowded so he was probably being pushed against me. But then he started slowly rubbing my waist, so i put my hand over his to see if he was meaning to do this. He carried on.
I got our drinks and went back to my friends with him. A short time after he put his face to the side of mine and said 'I want to go home with you tonight'.
Hells yeah! As far as i can remember it'd been at least 5 months since i'd hooked up with someone so I replied 'For sure, whatever you want man'
We got back to my house later in the night and went straight to my room. Now we were both pretty drunk, it was all kissing and hands, nothing too heavy. We went to sleep after a nice session messing around.

I'm pretty good with awkwared situations, I tend not to let things bother me, so morning afters aren't too wierd for me. We just got dressed, i made some breakfast and he left.
Then i realised i'd have to see him pretty much every day in Uni. Great.

Fortunately he seemed to not be bothered about it. We'd still just have friendly conversations and see eachother out and nothing would happen. We both knew it was a 1 night thing.
A few weeks later i was in my house alone over Easter and had just finished work. I got a text from him asking if i was going out tonight. I said i hadn't planned on it but kinda wanted to. So we decided to have some drinks at mine and go out.
When we got out we were dancing and drinking in this gay club and he started chatting to this guy and making out. I did my own thing, danced with random people and ended up speaking to this other guy. Turns out the guys we were speaking to lived together. We both ended up going back to their place and were fucking in adjacent rooms haha.
The guy i was with was at least 30 ( i saw something in his room and asked what it was, he said he'd got it as a 30th birthday present), i've still never found out his exact age but i'd have never guessed he was even 25. His body was amazing.

What's the moral of this story?
Oh, if you can help it, Don't fuck where you sleep/work/study. You may regret it.
I don't particularly regret what happened with Kirk, but i kinda wish it'd never happened, if you know what i mean.
Shortly after, Kirk came out as bi.

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