Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Keep The Dream Alive

I have a document with a list of books i want to buy and read. It's currently only at 28, one of them is The Bible.
I usually only read during summer, any other time, if I have nothing to do i need to spend it doing Uni work. If i was better at organising myself i could probably get some reading in, but i'm not.
So right now it's just a list. As soon as i finish Uni i'm going to work down the list, i want to have a book with me wheverever i go. I want a bookshelf full of classics and novels people have never heard of. 1) To make people jealous. 2) To make myself happy.
This will happen, I am sure of it.
Right now the best book i've read is Running With Scissors.
Any suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Making History & The Liar by Stephen FRY. Both excellent reads, the fact they are not classics, yet, does not matter.

Andy said...

Ahh Stephan Fry is a British gem, I will certainly add those to my list.

Anonymous said...

you want to read The Bible? why? sorry, but I just found it strange...

if you want to buy it, I think you could save your money, because it should be easy enough to get a free bible as long as you're interested...

- minasete

Andy said...

minasete-2 whole religions are based on this book, there must be someting interesting in it. It's the highest selling book ever, i want to see what the fuss is about.
Thanks for the tip though, i shall start looking into where i can get a free copy, i want a nice one though.

Christopher said...

I stumbled across 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand at secondary school and have adored it ever since! Not many people have ever heard of it but it's captivating. I saw a copy the other day in the Sheffield University Blackwells while buying the freakish amount of books on this semester's reading list; one of the University bookshops in Leeds may have a copy tucked away. In any case if you wanted an impressive/intimidating classic this is your one - it's about 6cm thick even in paperback!


Andy said...

Chris-Thanks for the recommendation, just wiki'd it and it looks promising.
I'll certainly add it to my list. Although i'll only start on it once i know i have lots of free time, maybe on a holiday. I don't like taking too much time reading a book, no matter how big it is.
As for you buying Uni books; we get ours free ;) god bless the large chemical companies that sponsor our course.