Sunday, 28 February 2010

Make Light

Well, last night was entertaining.
I went out with some of my housemates and was enjoying it as I usually do.
At about 2am the previous night is catching up to me, my Girl Housemate notices and gives me a pill. 'get buzzed.' I swallow it without a drink. 10 minutes later we head to the toilets, Other Girl Housemate notices I'm tired. She hands me a bag. I take a key of MKat. 2 minutes later I feel a rush and my whole body wakes up.
I keep seeing a guy up at a booth looking at me. Blonde, tall, built, hot. Maybe he's just looking in the direction of the crowd, it's hard to tell. I take a toilet break, i see him follow. After said break i rejoin my friends and look up. He's still watching me, I don't try and hide the fact I'm looking straight at him. I flash a cheeky smile. I don't know if he sees.
Soon after i need another toilet break (The average number of toilet breaks on a night out is 28, alcohol goes straight through me), he follows again. I leave the toilets and turn around and he's there.

'I've noticed you following me, hi, I'm Andy'
'Hey, Mark :)'
'So, what do you do in there?' I say, pointing to the door to the booth.
'I work the lights, wanna come in?'
I wave to my friends as soon as I get the chance. I'd pointed Mark out to one of them earlier. They're all jealous, just how i like it.
We chat like we've known each other for years, it's so comfortable. He's funny, sarcastic, shy.
'Ok, what can i press?'
'Wanna mess with the strobes?'

'Hell yes.'
I start to create an epileptic's worst nightmare.

I stay there for the rest of the night, drinking his free beer, dancing, chatting.
It's 4.30am, the club is closing soon.
'What are you doing after this? I know a house party we're going to.'
'I've got to pack up my equipment, not sure if I'm going out, have to go to ---------- tomorrow'
'Let me get your number and I'll text you the address, let me know what you're doing'
I leave, I'm smiling.

We get to the house party, i text him the location.
It's suddenly 6.30am, I have work at 11. I leave the party and head home.

Me:'I've gone home for work tomorrow'
Mark:'Andy I'm really sorry. Just getting home now. Have you gone yet? I'm just behind Sainsburys.'

Me:'Yeah gone home :) no worries. Come to mine if you want, but I'm just going to sleep soon.'
Mark:'That's all good, you've got work tomorrow so unless you want me to come round I'll stay home. Sorry, I'm fucked tonight. Should have been more forward when i was with you, i think you're really really nice. Would you be up for going for a drink soon?'
Me:'If you want to come round then come :) But we'll just be sleeping. I think you're nice too :) would like to go for a drink some time.'

Mark:'All good, you've got work early tomorrow - I'm impressed you came to ---- given that! Let's go for a drink asap though. x'

I get to bed at 7.15am

Me:'Good morning :) haha I'm surprised i can actually stand up right now. Need to brave my way through work.'
Still no reply.

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