Thursday, 18 February 2010

Do You Remember

I sometimes use a program which allows me to watch shows on (they're not supposed to be available in the UK), and I've been watching My Life As Liz. It's just my sort of show, witty humour, full of sarcasm, and a quirky main character.
It got me thinking about my high school experience,I don't have to remember that far back, i only left 3 years ago, but i think I've changed so much since then.
I had a good group of close friends, but kind of flitted between different groups. There were 5 or 6 of us that would hang around a lot in and out of school, then there was one guy who I'd known since we were 7, and I'd see him mostly out of school because I wasn't really friends with his group in school. Then there was another girl who i was good friends with who i still see all the time and I'd now consider her one of my best friends.
However i don't think i was ever fully myself in school, i let other people affect how i would act. There were a lot of dicks in my school and i just kind of adopted the attitude of 'i don't give a shit about most of the people here so I'm not really going to put in any effort into even acknowledging them.'
I remember one guy chatting to me once in year 11 (16 years old), he was part of the 'popular' group, when actually noone really liked them, most of them talked about eachother behind their backs, yet they still thought they were the shit.
For some reason he said to me 'you don't really like me do you?'
Now one thing i can say hasn't changed about me is that i've always been pretty point blank, i don't bullshit to people to their face, if i don't really like them they know it.
'No, not particularly'
'Why? I don't get it?' i don't know why he was surprised, i thought it was pretty obvious we were in completely different circles.
'I just don't'

I'm actually quite good friends with his younger brother now, we're usually at the same clubs when i go back home during the holidays.
Anyways, since starting uni i've only really stayed in proper contact with 3 people from high school. The one girl who i'm really close to, the guy i've known for years, and one girl from my original group.
When i do go home i avoid going out to clubs in my town because i know people from my old school will be there, and i have no desire to have to have some weird hello and pretend we ever even talked to eachother in school.
I'm sounding like a huge dick in this, i probably am haha

I've made a great group of friends at uni, the kind of friends you know you'll have for life, so i see no point in pretending to be friendly to people when you both know you never really liked eachother.

Back to Liz, i don't think anyone in high school is actually like her, i thought this when i watched Juno. No 16 year old is that sure of themselves, i wish i was. But it's a great program, looking forward to the rest of the series.

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