Monday, 22 February 2010

A Beautiful Mess

I've just been sitting on my bed, catching up with the goings on of the internet, looked to my right and noticed the utter chaos that is my bedroom floor.
Things i can see may or may not include:
2 pairs of jeans
an iron
4 DVDs-Little Miss Sunshine, The Hangover, American Beauty & Girl, Interrupted
7 black socks
A pair of brown military boots
the left foot of a pair of white high top trainers
2 uni textbooks, one of which consists of around 1500 pages of bullshit, and the other one, 700 pages of nonsense.
a khaki coloured all saints shirt
3 notepads
a borders carrier bag
a piece of wood from my headboard

I cleaned my room on Saturday, my life is a mess at the moment.

1 comment:

Michael Rivers said...

My bedroom is always in chaos. And I don't know why. I hardly spend any time in there!