Monday, 22 February 2010

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Some of you may have noticed that most of the titles to my entries are song titles. If you didn't, now you do. The reason? There is none. But i do love music, it's my obsession. I'm constantly looking for new music that excites me.
My taste is pretty diverse, people usually comment when looking through my iPod with 'there's a fucking strange mix on here'
SO, i wanna know what you think I should listen to.
I'm putting up my top played songs on iTunes to give you an idea of the music i like, so if you know any similar artists, or just random people you think i'll like, then let me know.

1:Florence & The Machine-You've Got The Love
2:Adele:Crazy For You
3:Lily Allen-22
4:Tegan And Sara-Walking With A Ghost
5:Tegan And Sara-Back In Your Head
6:Steve Appleton-Dirty Funk
7:Frankmusik-Better Off As Two
8:Metro Station-Kelsey
9:Kid British-Elizabeth
10:Lykke Li-Little Bit
11:The Cure-Boys Don't Cry
12:Imogen Heap-Speeding Cars
13:The Cure-Close To You
14:Regina Spektor-Fidelity
15:The Strokes-You Only Live Once
16:Ladyhawke-My Delirium
17:Kenna-Say Goodbye To Love
18:Santogold-L.E.S Artists
19:Cage The Elephant-Aint No Rest For The Wicked
20:Jamie T-Back In The Game

Now, i rarely play a full song on my iPod so it's more likely that these 'top played' songs are just on the playlist that i put on at work. But i think they give a good idea of some of my favourite music, give or take a couple of songs.
I also enjoy:Kings Of Leon, Amy Winehouse, The Knife, Empire Of The Sun, Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, Young Love, No Doubt, Deadmau5e, Kimya Dawson, Feist, Passion Pit, Owl City....

EDIT:I missed number 10:Robyn-Who's That Girl, so push all the others down one. Not that you really care, but i like things to be right :)

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joseph said...

nice images, and i like your selection of music. i am going to look up those i'm unfamiliar with.