Friday, 30 April 2010

Last Night

Night 1 of 4

I headed to a friends at 6.30 for barbecue that was called off due to rain. We sat inside and ate and I drank 2 ciders. I left at 9, got home, threw on a blue shirt and black wool cut off tie. I got a taxi with 3 housemates to a cocktail bar and we get let upstairs for our friend's birthday. 2 for 1 cocktails, long island ice teas were disappearing down my throat.
I see Ben after i've washed my hands, he's stood at the urinal. I've met him once before, on his birthday when he was wasted so I don't think he'd remember me.
Andy! Hey, how you doing mate?
He goes to shake my hand.
Don't worry it's not touched anything haha
He's hot, and a cool guy, but straight, so I thought i'd make him feel awkward.
I don't mind if it's touched your penis Ben.
He laughed, thinking I was making a joke. I don't think he understood I was flirting. I laughed along.
I'll catch up with you later mate.
The DJ starts to play dubstep, which i'm not surprised at when i consider who's birthday it is. So I dance, drop a drink, dance some more. And I become very drunk.

VW texts me:
Come out tonight
I'm already out
Out in my bed ;)
That makes no sense

Get your sexy bum in my bed
When you gonna come for a drink?
When I'm sober enough to text a real answer.
Then he sends me this:

Your phone's crap
I want one of your fit bum :)
I'm in a club.....
When you get in then?
Probably, i'm drunk enough.
Nice :) I'll text you later

And later I send this:
As we leave the club at about 1.30 Ben is outside and he grabs me and hugs me.
You're fucking funny.
I think the hug lasted for about 5 minutes.
Ok Ben, i'm going, i'm hungry.

I missed morning labs today, but I got a good amount done this afternoon. And now I need a little sleep before I start again tonight.
And you can take either of those pictures as your eye candy for Thank Fuck It's Friday :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Karon O's apparent breakdown during this video is.....beautiful?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Today carried on pretty average. I walked to uni at 1.45pm to start an experiment ready for tomorrow. Nothin' like experimentin'. Except labs were closed, so I walked to reception and was told they'd be open at 2.15. And I forgot my cigarettes, so I had to buy a pouch and some rizla. I roll a cigarette with a filter made from the rizla packet and smoke it out the entrance.
I go to labs, set up my experiment, have a little go at one of the women at the glass stores. Usually I get on great with her, we have a laugh. But I walked up to the little window and she was chatting with another technician and a lab supervisor I fucking hate.
Hey, I was just seeing if could get a-
Andrew, come back in a minute.

And I give her the evil eye, which i've been told i'm pretty great at, mainly because I think i'm better than most people., then walk away. I don't go back in a minute. I borrowed what I wanted from someone else.

I've just got back from seeing Kick Ass. So fucking funny. But whoever made the trailer for this movie should be shot. It doesn't do it justice. If I only went off the trailer I wouldn't have seen it, but after hearing all the reviews I checked it out. Laughed a lot.
And for some reason the fact that Aaron Johnson is marrying like, a 50 year old, and is becoming a step-dad to a 12 year old makes him so much hotter to me. Probably 'cause I find guys with responsibilities hot, and you don't get many 19 year olds with more responsibility than that. I'm not really into married guys though, I'm not looking for someone with that much responsilitiy, like, it would be really fucking cool if I found someone who had a job, and a pet or something.

Aaron Johnson
And my favourite:
And my friend sent me this today, which I remember him putting on a huge projector in his flat last year when I was fucked, and my life was complete.


I wake up at 10.50am with a voicemail and an e-mail.

'Hi this is a message for Andy. My name is -----I'm a police officer from ------. I've been trying to contact you in relation to an incident that happend last december involving some of your friends. I'm just wondering if you're willing to provide a witness statement. Could you call back on -------------. Thank you.

The e-mail, timed 10 minutes after the call, says pretty much the same thing.
I try to ring back; no answer. I won't be calling again. I've already tried to give a statement with some other police officer; last month I had an afternoon apointment and called in the morning to confirm it only to find out the guy wasn't even in work that day. So i've done my part, they can start chasing me up if they want it. Plus, they call on blocked numbers, which I never answer.

The last time I dealt with the police I had to identify a guy on a video screen which showed 6 men. I got the right one.
After i'd finished that the police told me 'you're a hard guy to get hold of.'
I try my best.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I wake up and guess the time, because I like to think I can controll my sleeping pattern. It's 9.30am?

It's 11.00am

I make scrambled eggs on toast, soaked in ketchup. I take a shower, look in the mirror, which I haven't done for maybe 2 days, and I see i've somehow grown what I can only call a half beard. Longer than stubble but not quite long enough to pass off. But I can't shave it because it's too long and I know it will mess up my crappy sensitive skin. And I can't trim it in order to shave it because I can't find the charger for my shaver.

And somehow in the last 2 hours i've agreed to go out on Thursday for a friend's birthday, and Friday because mine and my housemate's friends are visiting us, and Saturday with ex-work people, and Sunday in Manchester with J for bank holiday. I'm only looking forward to 3 of them nights.

And i've been thinking about removing my anonymity from this blog. But I haven't convinced myself yet. It's not worrying about friends finding this and reading things I don't want them to read, because everything on here is pretty much what I say to them, or what i've done with them. It's maybe because I think people reading this will feel like they know too much about me. I read many blogs, by anonymous and known, and I find the anonymous ones the most interesting. I feel like i'm reading things that people who see the writer's face don't know. I don't know. You see how I haven't convinced myself.

This post isn't interesting one bit. I may delete this later.

Listen Up Guys, Like, Seriously

Girl Housemate was reading out her American classmate's facebook status' to me before and she used 'frickin' like, a lot, no joke. And I liked it. So i'm totally gonna be using that like all the time in any blog posts during the next 6 hours. While i sleep.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Born Free

Frankie Says Relax

I'm deciding my next move and Culture Club comes on. I'm reminded of the year long stint of dancing to Kim Wilde, Blondie, George Harrison, George Michael, Kool & The Gang, Cyndi Lauper and Madness every Monday with 30 or so people from my student halls. Paying 80p to enter the club, and 80p for a vodka and coke, with a ratio of 1:1. Going to the bar, ordering 6; downing 3 and putting the other 3 in one glass. Falling off stages, down stairs, onto the floor. Dancing on the raised platforms around the club in front of floor to ceiling mirrors. Making friends with every person there, kissing anyone who came close. Seraching for friend's phones and cameras which have ended up on the floor. Spending an hour in the unisex bathroom, making our own party around the large fountain sink in the centre.
This was my first year in Leeds, every single Monday. It was our religion, and we practised it routinely. It contributed to my failing mark of the module which had class at 11am on Tuesdays. It also contributed to me drunkenly bonding with the people I now live with. People who liked getting into as much of a mess as me. After 3 months we were let in for free, and this let us buy an extra drink. And each of us were thrown out at least once. And at least 2 of us ended up in just our underwear outside. And each night would be talked about until the next one.
We all made some sort of sexual adventure from that night. A now Girl Housemate was asked by the guy she hooked up with if they could go to sleep with his penis inside her. And many mornings were spent hiding in flatmate's rooms, or pretending someone needed to go to hospital, or getting dressed pretending you had somewhere to go, just so that the person in your bed would finally leave. And one disturbing night where all I remember is pre-drinking and then walking home 4 hours later with no idea what happened in between. With a guy called Rob who studied Japanese and had a huge dick. And getting out of ever seeing him again by telling him I had a girlfriend.
And I don't miss it. I can't drink vodka and coke anymore. And I don't like being around people who are as drunk as we used to get. And I don't like people I don't know talking to me.

I'm listening to:Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Last Night

Well, last night started at 4pm. Pub, beer garden, cider. Girl Housemate got rediculously drunk and fell asleep on a table at 8pm, much to the amusement of the rest of us. The glass collector brought her a glass of water, she went to the bathroom, threw up, and then returned full of life.
2 Girl housemates and I decided to go out after we left at 9.30. We were on the second floor of a little bar dancing to motown, and somehow Girl Housemate 1 has suddenly become as drunk as Girl Housemate from before. I'm sat at a table with Girl Housemate 2 and the other one comes back from the toilet, thuds down onto a chair, drops her phone and then dives onto the floor near a couple's feet.
We leave and go to my usual spot. 2 girls looks like they want to hit Girl Housemate 1, and she's starting to annoy me so i drag her away and sit her on a stool while I dance with Girl Housemate 2. We leave at 1am.

Picture: Girl Housemate 1 on the left. Girl Housemate 2 on the right.
And then there's this:

Thursday, 22 April 2010

I Am Not A Robot

Courtest of FromTop2Bottom Blog.


Oh, hey Kirk.
What happened to you on Monday?
I went back to that Sean's place.
Oh god, Andy.
Nothing happened, I was just bored.
Yeah, okay.
No really, I took a line of ket, lit a cigarette, threw up then went to bed.
Oh god, Andy.
Yeah, well i'm on my way home, later.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Unafraid Of All Colour

This is my go to song when I don't know what I want to listen to. 3.08 makes me smile everytime. There's no need for pronouncination when the sound coming out is so beautiful.
I need this album.

Melt My Heart To Stone

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Play this and all your dreams will come true!
Robot Unicorn Attack

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Last Night

I got masturbated at. Yes. Really.

I was in my usual place drinking my usual drinks. I went to the toilet and stood at the urinal. I then realise this guy next to me is looking right at me. I look over, kind of good looking. I then realise he's stroking his big hard cock. Seriously, what the fuck. How would that ever be appealing to me? I actually thought you were hot until you went all creepy flasher on me. This is not a gay bar. I am not some cock hungry queer awaiting a good pounding. Debatable. He was licking his fingers and stroking the head, still looking at me while I was trying my hardest to just piss. Needless to say I was a little distracted and I couldn't go.
So i zipped up and left. He followed me out and grabbed my arm.
'Hey what's your name?'
'Seriously, get your dicky hand off me and fuck off.'
He got the message. I told Girl Housemates and they thought it was hilarious. So did I, but still, I don't like unwanted penis in my personal space. Thanks.

I had my last saturday shift today and got a card signed by everyone. Some excerpts:

I can't believe you're leaving me, you've broken up the Sunday crew. Gonna miss you like crazy, you helped make the job bearable.

Good luck quiffins. Gonna miss your tunes. Big kisses (and a red lipstick kiss mark)

Who am I gonna exchange movie and drinking experiences with when i should be working? You're one of the old school-i can't be that!

My manager drew a penis next to her message.

Gay boy. I can't believe you're leaving me after all our time together. I love you loads. All my love the other gayer.

I'm amazing.

S just text me and we're going somewhere awful tonight. I wasn't going to get too drunk but I think i'll have to numb myself to cope.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Fierce People

I've just watched Fierce People and i've got to say I loved it. The story was interesting, the cast were pretty good, the off-beat dream and drug scenes were well done and there were some funny one-liners thrown in.
As much shit that Kristen Stewart gets for her acting ability I always think she, not counting Twilight which I actualy do like, picks some great films to take part in. Adventureland was also a good watch. The kid Anton Yelchin, from Alpha Dog is, in my opinion, a great actor; witty and confident without a cocky or predictable attitude.
It also stars the hotness of Chris Evans, (highlight for spoiler) although he does end up raping Yelchin, so what other reason do you need to watch this?

In other news.
My mother came to see me on Wednesday, took me out for lunch. I bought her a birthday present.
I now have £19.10 to my name, yet I need to find a way to go out tonight. A friend is lending me some money to go out tomorrow for someone's birthday. My plan: get as wasted as i can before we go out. Thank you booze Britain, for our rediculous alcohol prices. And thank you 3 years of student living, for allowing me to down wine so I get very drunk very quickly.
Now i'm off to the shop to buy a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. Loading up on butter sandwiches due to my empty cupboards and lack of self control.

I'm listening to: The Drums-Saddest Summer

Thursday, 15 April 2010

And the winner is.....


Beware: Politics ahead!
It's coming to the time where I need to vote for which party I want to govern my nation. I've always followed Labour. I agree with a lot of their policies and, although this is selfish of me, they're making considerable progress on complete gay rights. And i'd like to see that continue.

This year, for some reason beyond my capacity of thinking, there are going to be live debates held à la America. It is beyond me why they would want to put on this kind of show. 'It's important for people to be able to listen to each party's policies and hear what other parties have to say about it' says Girl Housemate.
Ok, while I agree with the fundamental idea that it is a good way of hearing policies, i can just as easily read up on them on the interwebs. And as for hearing other parties try and attack and dismantle their arguments, it's all a fucking show. Of course they're going to try and make the other parties look bad.
Now, i don't think this will have any negative effect on less-informed voters, but i also don't think it will have a positive one.
Having said this; i'll be watching. And if you're in the UK i hope you watch too. Try and filter out the circus aspect and you may hear something useful, although i doubt it.

My housemate found a political compass online to assess your views and attitudes on aspects of...well, life; your life, my life, his life, her life, their life.

Below are the UK parties, and their stance.

Below are examples of political figures and where they would lie. Gives you an idea of what kind of things they believe in in case you're politically deficient, which i wouldn't blame you for. Politics is pretty boring and complicated.
And here is where I ended up.

I can conclude I'm pretty much Gandhi, so put me on a pedestal and give me the Nobel Peace Prize he never received bitches!
I am what you refer to as Left-wing Libertarianism, and really i've always known this. Ok, so i'm pretty close to the Green Party. I do actually agree with a lot of their policies, but in reality they would take it too far; everything would be public property and i believe in being able to work hard to build up personal wealth.
So I lie completely opposite to Labour; this doesn't actually mean we have opposite views. What did that was probably my views on the National Service, Religion, and Health Care.
Anyway, really, if you live in the UK I hope you're voting. Take the time to read up on the parties, take a compass test, watch the debate. Not doing so is not only lazy but idiotic. VOTE.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Temper Trap

My girl of the moment covering one of my favourite songs.

Last Night

This is bleak.
I go to the shop and buy two bottles of pear cider then go to ----'s house. We drink then get a taxi. Two long island ice teas then the club. I drink 2 double vodkas and then go for a cigarette with W. We decide to go somewhere else. In the queue she decides she needs to go home so she gets in a taxi. I stay in the queue because I know Kirk is out. I get in and can't find him. I text him, he's in QC. I leave and go to QC. We have a few drinks then go back to where i'd been.

We're in the smoking area and Kirk nudges me.
There's Sean.
The 30-something I'd slept with last year.
I know it's a guarentee so I go over, we talk, I leave with him.
We get to his flat and he pours me a drink. He gives me a line of Ketamine. I don't remember anything else.
I wake up at 11am and he tells me I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Then went to bed. I get out of bed, eat a banana, have a cigarette. I like Sean, he says I'm care free and he wishes he could have the same attitude as me.
He drives me home and I clean myself up then walk into town for my hair cut. Zoe's boyfriend cuts my hair. He's fucking amazing. A sleeve of great tattoos. I break my sunglasses so I go to the shop I'm leaving and chat to M and T for an hour. I get a new pair.
My manager tells me I seem happier now i've given my notice in. I tell her i'm just probably still a little drunk.

I text S.
Sorry for leaving last night. I had a guarenteed pull in -------.
My phone runs out of battery and now I have to wait until my charger comes in the post.

I'm still hungover and really need to sleep. I need to buy food but I have no money.
My bed is calling.

Monday, 12 April 2010


So I awake at 1.30pm, roll and smoke a cigarette, take a shower and get dressed. Black wool Fred Perry sweater, grey Levis 511 slim fit jeans, brown lace-up military boots. I tear a page out of a leather notebook i purchased a few weeks ago and write my letter of notice to leave work.

FAO Management
I hereby give my one week's notice of leaving, from the date 12 April 2010. Wishing the best of luck to everyone I work with, it has been a great 2 years.

I walk to town and into the shop. I hand the letter to my manager, hug her, hug L who's working, then leave. I've left my phone charger at J's so i go into a phone shop.
Is there a way i can leave my phone here to charge?
Eeerm, we don't do that.
It's an iPhone, can you not just plug into the display ones?
Yes but it's entirely at your own risk, we can't take any responsibility for it.
Fine by me, I have insurance, I'll be back later.

I go and book a haircut.
Hey, we got these 50% off things in work, can i book an appointment for tomorrow?
Of course, oh, how do you know Zoe?
I don't.
Oh, ok yeah that's fine, what time? Morning or afternoon.
Afternoon, after 1pm.
Ok, so 1.15pm.
I realise after i leave that Zoe is the new supervisor who is having her first day today. I've never seen her, so I don't know her.

I look in 3 clothes shops and buy a navy jumper for £21.50.
I return to the phone shop and my phone's not there. I see a guy no older than 19. His badge says he's called 'Luke' but i never trust things like that. I usually wear a badge that says 'Sid' for work.
Hey, where's my phone?
eeerm, phone? i don't know.
I left it here to charge.
Who served you?
I have no idea.
Ok, 1 second.
He walks into the back, emerging 30 seconds later with my phone.
Sorry we took it into the back to charge.
Oh, cool, thanks. Cya.

I start to walk back home and text M from work.
Just wanted to let you know i've given my notice in today. Been great working with you, make sure I still see you.
What!!!!!!???? :( Andy you're my man i dunno what i'm going to do without you!!! please stay in touch.
I'll still be in Leeds until July so don't think you're getting rid of me that easy. We'll just have to go out more.
It's a deal. Thank you so much for everything.

S texts me during this conversation.
Hey geek. We're gonna drink at ----'s. My old house, then prob just go to HP pub. They've shafted Headingly. Then they want to go out somewhere. What does thee want to do?
Sounds perfect. When you going to ----'s?
9, where do you want to end up?
In the gutter.
Nice. see you later.

I get home and one of our cats has returned after being away for 3 days. And now I'm just wasting time until 9 so I can start the weekend as I intend to go on.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Last Night

It's 7.15pm on a Friday night and I'm sat at J's new breakfast bar that he constructed this afternoon. We're drinking cider and smoking our 3rd cigarette in just as many minutes. We're waiting for Y.
AGR text me earlier saying he found money and wanted to come out.
I want to come out, mum said she'd fund it.
I told J
(his boyfriend) and he had a massive go at me saying why can't he just go out with his friends so i don't think I'm allowed to come but have a good night. xx
Ok, I'll be back some time next week
I get to J's and show him the texts. J told AGR that he thinks he shouldn't come because he'll be late for work in the morning and he'll be too rough and J doesn't want to have to give him a lift there at 8am. But he's welcome to come as long as he goes back to his own house.
AGR texts me again
Are you at J's now?
I sure am sugarpie.
Ooh what's going on? Are you having fun?
AGR why are you being so weird. You know you want to come out.
You ask J why I can't come!
I'm sat with him and he's told me. You can come but he doesn't want to have to take you to work. So it's up to you. No one's stopping you.
J shouted at me before and he's ignoring my texts.
Right I'm telling you now. Come to J's if you're coming out.
AGR doesn't come.
Y does.

We get out for 10.30 and go to a few bars. We end up in a club and i stop drinking at 12am. I have work the next day in Leeds and need to be up for 10.
I'm just at the right stage of drunk. Some boy tells me i have nice hair. I smile (with my eyes) and walk away.

J and Y are wasted and J is trying to get me some action.
OK, who do you like the look of? Y and I will accidentally on purpose dance-push you into them.
J, i don't like people who come to places like this.
But you're here.
I don't like myself!

We leave at 3am, and get some food. J and I have to share a bed because his Dad's passed out in the spare room. Pretty common.
I get woken at 9am with a text from my supervisor.
Could you work 12-7 instead of 12-4? L phoned in sick and we need someone here to close.
I'll work 3-7?
I relish in my negotiation skills, having just gained myself 2 extra hours in bed and the chance of a shower before work.

And now I'm back in Leeds, home alone, about to order chinese and watching Harry Potter.

And I need my fucking loan to come through.
My 3 accounts:

Friday, 9 April 2010


I've just looked up the word dictionary in a dictionary. And now I'm contemplating the philosophical implications of a book defining it's own existence.
Cousin's facebook status, made me laugh.

Just a quick check-in. I'm still in Manchester. Went to see one of my best mates yesterday in the evening. She cooked me a chicken breast with new potatos and carrots. She didn't eat it, she's vegetarian; her diet is pretty much just pizza, chips, actually that's about it.
After i left there i picked up J and his sister and cousin and we went to a pub quiz. We came 5th. Then we had a great time watching J's sister and her mate on karaoke. Usually I hate karaoke but they're pretty good singers, and there was a girl there who sang Alanis Morissette-You Oughta Know that was pretty amazing.

So tonight we're supposed to be going out although we haven't really made any plans. I'm going to have to get up tomorrow morning to drive back to Leeds for work.

Other than that, i'm enjoying the sudden sunshine that's been given to us.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Finally an eye candy post.
These have no theme or reason for posting. They're just hot pictures i've found.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I meet 9 people outside of the shop i sometimes work in. Work night out. We head to Call Lane. We sit and drink, and laugh, and drink. We go next door to dance. 1 or 2 hours pass. My manager's boyfriend gets thrown out in a case of mistaken identity. We go across the road and finish the night at 3am.


I drive to Manchester. I go to L's house and drink a bottle of wine. We go to a house party in a club; there's a kitchen, and bedrooms, and a garden where motown and soul plays. I manage to pick up a guy who will not leave me alone.
Is he fit? I like his messy afro.

I chat to the front man of Kid British and find Y lying on a bed next to a woman reading a magazine with curlers in her hair. We leave at 4am and get back to L's house. We all want food so she drives a few of us to a takeaway, wasted. She throws a U-turn and parks on the pavement outside as a police car drives past.

So i'm back in Manchester for a few days and really need to get some work done.
Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Friday, 2 April 2010

The Drums

They're from New York, that's all I know.

Thank Fuck It's Friday

While i'm on Easter break, every day is a Friday. So I will post pics any day of the week.

Last Night

So we end up on Call Lane, again. So we end up in the bar that Curls works in, again. I've already gotten through 2 bottles of pear cider and a bottle of wine at K's house. I'm with K and S and we're chatting to Curls. Fox is in here with some girl. He's shorter up close. I tell K, because we have a mutual disliking of him for stealing away Curls.
Me:He's shorter up close.
K:He's not actually as good looking in real life, he's just really photogenic.

Curls:Right, gotta go say hi to the boyfriend.
K and I look at eachother, and pretend we didn't hear that.

It's 11.30 and we head to a club, where i drink more. Fox is there too, he's boring, he doesn't even dance, he doesn't even talk. I think i'm not that drunk but I can't stand still even if I want to.
It's 2.oo and i've not been this drunk in a long time. We get a taxi home. The 2 Girl Housemates that are left are still out.
Where are you?
A:We're in --------, it's good you should come.
S:------- come!
Not now, just thought you might be bringing a party back. I'm home.

I wake up at 8.30 and need water. Girl Housemates come home at 9.00

Thursday, 1 April 2010


So i'm back in Leeds, with a night out planned, with no location specified.

Denim on Denim.