Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Last Night

It's 4pm, I'm in bed.
Last night was messy, my i took my sister and her friend to a gay club. A mate from work met us out with his housemates who i know, so there was quite a few of us in the group.
I saw a guy I'd met about 6 months ago. His name's Parker. I met him when i was at a gig back where i used to live, i was with one of my friends and we went out after the gig and met him in a bar. We ended up going back to the apartment he had for the night with his friend, just drinking a bit in there then headed home.
Afterwards he added me on facebook and he started at my university last September. He's 24 i think, spent a few years working for his dad's company then started uni.
I've seen him out a few times this year but only said quick hellos. He's pretty good looking, a little taller than me, always has some nice stubble.
So I saw him last night and we spent the rest of the night together in the club, just dancing.
I lost him towards the end of the night and left the club with my sister when it closed at about 4am. When i was at home i text him saying 'it was good to see you tonight', then he rang me. He said he and his mate were drinking back at his place which was about 5 minutes walk away. So i got my jacket and walked over. We were just drinking, smoking, taking some some poppers, and at about 7 his mate left.

I asked him if he wanted me to go so he could sleep, yeah, i knew he wanted me to stay but i didn't want to be so obvious. He said i could stay at his so we went up to his room.
As soon as we got undressed to our boxers we started kissing and went over to the bed. We spent a good 10 minutes eating face and then i started moving down his chest. I pulled his boxers over his dick and took it in my hand.
Then he stopped me....
'No, i'm way too drunk, let's get some sleep first.'
I wasn't really bothered, i was wasted too, but we could've messed around a little, whatever.
So we just went to sleep with our arms and legs around eachother. It felt great sleeping next to someone, having a hot guy's body right next to me. I told you i was horny haha, it had been way too long.
I woke up at 2.30pm, and lay in bed a bit longer, he was next to me and said 'morning mate'. I knew we weren't going to do anything, i had a banging headache and dry mouth, it wouldn't have been nice lol
He told me he'd had a shower at like 8, so maybe he was hoping for something.
We chatted a bit, and i went to find my phone and had like 3 missed calls and 10 texts.
Oh, one of the texts was from Kirk, he was out last night as well, he was just telling me he's got me the lecture notes from the lecture i'd missed at 2.
My sister had text me saying her and her mate had left to go back home.
I got dressed and gathered up my stuff, when i was leaving I told Parker we should go out more, we hugged and i left.
A few minutes later he text me,
'Deffo sort a drink soon dude if ya like.'
We'll see what happens.

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