Friday, 30 April 2010

Last Night

Night 1 of 4

I headed to a friends at 6.30 for barbecue that was called off due to rain. We sat inside and ate and I drank 2 ciders. I left at 9, got home, threw on a blue shirt and black wool cut off tie. I got a taxi with 3 housemates to a cocktail bar and we get let upstairs for our friend's birthday. 2 for 1 cocktails, long island ice teas were disappearing down my throat.
I see Ben after i've washed my hands, he's stood at the urinal. I've met him once before, on his birthday when he was wasted so I don't think he'd remember me.
Andy! Hey, how you doing mate?
He goes to shake my hand.
Don't worry it's not touched anything haha
He's hot, and a cool guy, but straight, so I thought i'd make him feel awkward.
I don't mind if it's touched your penis Ben.
He laughed, thinking I was making a joke. I don't think he understood I was flirting. I laughed along.
I'll catch up with you later mate.
The DJ starts to play dubstep, which i'm not surprised at when i consider who's birthday it is. So I dance, drop a drink, dance some more. And I become very drunk.

VW texts me:
Come out tonight
I'm already out
Out in my bed ;)
That makes no sense

Get your sexy bum in my bed
When you gonna come for a drink?
When I'm sober enough to text a real answer.
Then he sends me this:

Your phone's crap
I want one of your fit bum :)
I'm in a club.....
When you get in then?
Probably, i'm drunk enough.
Nice :) I'll text you later

And later I send this:
As we leave the club at about 1.30 Ben is outside and he grabs me and hugs me.
You're fucking funny.
I think the hug lasted for about 5 minutes.
Ok Ben, i'm going, i'm hungry.

I missed morning labs today, but I got a good amount done this afternoon. And now I need a little sleep before I start again tonight.
And you can take either of those pictures as your eye candy for Thank Fuck It's Friday :)

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drew said...

Andy, looking good. thanks for the pic.. Now you will have people chasing you!!