Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I wake up and guess the time, because I like to think I can controll my sleeping pattern. It's 9.30am?

It's 11.00am

I make scrambled eggs on toast, soaked in ketchup. I take a shower, look in the mirror, which I haven't done for maybe 2 days, and I see i've somehow grown what I can only call a half beard. Longer than stubble but not quite long enough to pass off. But I can't shave it because it's too long and I know it will mess up my crappy sensitive skin. And I can't trim it in order to shave it because I can't find the charger for my shaver.

And somehow in the last 2 hours i've agreed to go out on Thursday for a friend's birthday, and Friday because mine and my housemate's friends are visiting us, and Saturday with ex-work people, and Sunday in Manchester with J for bank holiday. I'm only looking forward to 3 of them nights.

And i've been thinking about removing my anonymity from this blog. But I haven't convinced myself yet. It's not worrying about friends finding this and reading things I don't want them to read, because everything on here is pretty much what I say to them, or what i've done with them. It's maybe because I think people reading this will feel like they know too much about me. I read many blogs, by anonymous and known, and I find the anonymous ones the most interesting. I feel like i'm reading things that people who see the writer's face don't know. I don't know. You see how I haven't convinced myself.

This post isn't interesting one bit. I may delete this later.


Anonymous said...

Keep it anonymous... I, for one, enjoy a little mystery!

Andy said...

I think i've convinced myself to stay anonymous. Keeping slight mystery with any photos. For now.