Thursday, 15 April 2010

And the winner is.....


Beware: Politics ahead!
It's coming to the time where I need to vote for which party I want to govern my nation. I've always followed Labour. I agree with a lot of their policies and, although this is selfish of me, they're making considerable progress on complete gay rights. And i'd like to see that continue.

This year, for some reason beyond my capacity of thinking, there are going to be live debates held à la America. It is beyond me why they would want to put on this kind of show. 'It's important for people to be able to listen to each party's policies and hear what other parties have to say about it' says Girl Housemate.
Ok, while I agree with the fundamental idea that it is a good way of hearing policies, i can just as easily read up on them on the interwebs. And as for hearing other parties try and attack and dismantle their arguments, it's all a fucking show. Of course they're going to try and make the other parties look bad.
Now, i don't think this will have any negative effect on less-informed voters, but i also don't think it will have a positive one.
Having said this; i'll be watching. And if you're in the UK i hope you watch too. Try and filter out the circus aspect and you may hear something useful, although i doubt it.

My housemate found a political compass online to assess your views and attitudes on aspects of...well, life; your life, my life, his life, her life, their life.

Below are the UK parties, and their stance.

Below are examples of political figures and where they would lie. Gives you an idea of what kind of things they believe in in case you're politically deficient, which i wouldn't blame you for. Politics is pretty boring and complicated.
And here is where I ended up.

I can conclude I'm pretty much Gandhi, so put me on a pedestal and give me the Nobel Peace Prize he never received bitches!
I am what you refer to as Left-wing Libertarianism, and really i've always known this. Ok, so i'm pretty close to the Green Party. I do actually agree with a lot of their policies, but in reality they would take it too far; everything would be public property and i believe in being able to work hard to build up personal wealth.
So I lie completely opposite to Labour; this doesn't actually mean we have opposite views. What did that was probably my views on the National Service, Religion, and Health Care.
Anyway, really, if you live in the UK I hope you're voting. Take the time to read up on the parties, take a compass test, watch the debate. Not doing so is not only lazy but idiotic. VOTE.


drew said...

we in the US are following your ways. Both countries will end up bankrupt. When your country tries to take care of you from cradle to grave people will quit trying to better themselves, why should they??

Andy said...

Drew-I'm not sure if i completely understand what you're getting at but here's what i think haha. I don't have a problem with governments taking care of people, but I think they go to extremes. People should not be content in having no ambitions, no job, no property ownership, and living off benefits.
I think we do have a kind of balance here though, for the most part, youth are expected to go to university, whatever their upbringing. And the percentage that don't go into blue collar jobs, which are obviously important. It's the bottom end that annoy me.