Monday, 5 April 2010


I meet 9 people outside of the shop i sometimes work in. Work night out. We head to Call Lane. We sit and drink, and laugh, and drink. We go next door to dance. 1 or 2 hours pass. My manager's boyfriend gets thrown out in a case of mistaken identity. We go across the road and finish the night at 3am.


I drive to Manchester. I go to L's house and drink a bottle of wine. We go to a house party in a club; there's a kitchen, and bedrooms, and a garden where motown and soul plays. I manage to pick up a guy who will not leave me alone.
Is he fit? I like his messy afro.

I chat to the front man of Kid British and find Y lying on a bed next to a woman reading a magazine with curlers in her hair. We leave at 4am and get back to L's house. We all want food so she drives a few of us to a takeaway, wasted. She throws a U-turn and parks on the pavement outside as a police car drives past.

So i'm back in Manchester for a few days and really need to get some work done.
Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

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