Saturday, 1 May 2010

Last night

Night 2 of 4

We went to the nearby pub, and left 2 minutes later because it was too busy. We went to another pub, I drank 3 ciders. At midnight we got a taxi and went to my usual place. None of us were drunk so we just sat in a booth and talked, and drank. At 2am it felt like 9pm so we were ready to move on and start getting drunk. We went to Stone Roses bar and it was great. It must have had some sort of Manchester theme which I appreciated. I caught the end of what looked like a good fight between 2 guys on the dancefloor. The bouncers didn't seem to give a shit. I danced to Oasis and The Cure and The Smiths and Sunshine Underground. I went out for a cigarette and noticed I had blood down my top. I have no idea where this came from because I wasn't involved in the fight but my housemate told me I was standing in the middle of it near the end so it probably came from there. People looked at me with fear for the rest of the night, it was great.

We left at 4.30am with 3 guys in tow. We got home, drank more, played music, talked. 2 of the 3 guys were hot, but 1 of them fell asleep around 5.30. I went to bed at 7am. And now it's almost 6pm and I have to be out by 8pm for a meal with work people and then more drinking. I can't do this like I used to. 2 years ago I could manage 9 nights out in a row, now 2 has me wishing I could just stay in bed.

Oh, and i've been scaring the shit out of everyone today. My housemate did a photo shoot for a friend yesterday and kept the contact lenses they used. So I put them in.


Anonymous said...

Eye pics are soooooo cool

Andy said...

I can't tell if that text is sarcastic so i'm just going to say Thank You. Anon, if you ever come back and see this please settle my inquiring mind.

Anonymous said...

How words can be misinterpreted...It wasn't meant to be sarcastic but I can see how it could be interpreted so. Reminds me of the time I was in a boring video conference and wrote "fuck me" on a piece of paper and showed it to a colleague. Never seen so much panic in someones eyes before...I meant it as "fuck me, this is boring". I think the colleague misinterpreted it as a request !!
P.S How did you find Making History ?

Andy said...

Ahh it's Making History anon :)
I'm glad you came back. Although I still haven't finished the book. I started it but had to postpone the continuation due to work. I'll pick it up some point in the near future and start from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

If you finish Making History try the Liar or the Hippopotamus next, both good reads. Good luck with your uni stuff and remember, old Professors never die, they just lose their faculties.