Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Last Night

This is bleak.
I go to the shop and buy two bottles of pear cider then go to ----'s house. We drink then get a taxi. Two long island ice teas then the club. I drink 2 double vodkas and then go for a cigarette with W. We decide to go somewhere else. In the queue she decides she needs to go home so she gets in a taxi. I stay in the queue because I know Kirk is out. I get in and can't find him. I text him, he's in QC. I leave and go to QC. We have a few drinks then go back to where i'd been.

We're in the smoking area and Kirk nudges me.
There's Sean.
The 30-something I'd slept with last year.
I know it's a guarentee so I go over, we talk, I leave with him.
We get to his flat and he pours me a drink. He gives me a line of Ketamine. I don't remember anything else.
I wake up at 11am and he tells me I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Then went to bed. I get out of bed, eat a banana, have a cigarette. I like Sean, he says I'm care free and he wishes he could have the same attitude as me.
He drives me home and I clean myself up then walk into town for my hair cut. Zoe's boyfriend cuts my hair. He's fucking amazing. A sleeve of great tattoos. I break my sunglasses so I go to the shop I'm leaving and chat to M and T for an hour. I get a new pair.
My manager tells me I seem happier now i've given my notice in. I tell her i'm just probably still a little drunk.

I text S.
Sorry for leaving last night. I had a guarenteed pull in -------.
My phone runs out of battery and now I have to wait until my charger comes in the post.

I'm still hungover and really need to sleep. I need to buy food but I have no money.
My bed is calling.

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