Friday, 16 April 2010

Fierce People

I've just watched Fierce People and i've got to say I loved it. The story was interesting, the cast were pretty good, the off-beat dream and drug scenes were well done and there were some funny one-liners thrown in.
As much shit that Kristen Stewart gets for her acting ability I always think she, not counting Twilight which I actualy do like, picks some great films to take part in. Adventureland was also a good watch. The kid Anton Yelchin, from Alpha Dog is, in my opinion, a great actor; witty and confident without a cocky or predictable attitude.
It also stars the hotness of Chris Evans, (highlight for spoiler) although he does end up raping Yelchin, so what other reason do you need to watch this?

In other news.
My mother came to see me on Wednesday, took me out for lunch. I bought her a birthday present.
I now have £19.10 to my name, yet I need to find a way to go out tonight. A friend is lending me some money to go out tomorrow for someone's birthday. My plan: get as wasted as i can before we go out. Thank you booze Britain, for our rediculous alcohol prices. And thank you 3 years of student living, for allowing me to down wine so I get very drunk very quickly.
Now i'm off to the shop to buy a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. Loading up on butter sandwiches due to my empty cupboards and lack of self control.

I'm listening to: The Drums-Saddest Summer

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