Monday, 12 April 2010


So I awake at 1.30pm, roll and smoke a cigarette, take a shower and get dressed. Black wool Fred Perry sweater, grey Levis 511 slim fit jeans, brown lace-up military boots. I tear a page out of a leather notebook i purchased a few weeks ago and write my letter of notice to leave work.

FAO Management
I hereby give my one week's notice of leaving, from the date 12 April 2010. Wishing the best of luck to everyone I work with, it has been a great 2 years.

I walk to town and into the shop. I hand the letter to my manager, hug her, hug L who's working, then leave. I've left my phone charger at J's so i go into a phone shop.
Is there a way i can leave my phone here to charge?
Eeerm, we don't do that.
It's an iPhone, can you not just plug into the display ones?
Yes but it's entirely at your own risk, we can't take any responsibility for it.
Fine by me, I have insurance, I'll be back later.

I go and book a haircut.
Hey, we got these 50% off things in work, can i book an appointment for tomorrow?
Of course, oh, how do you know Zoe?
I don't.
Oh, ok yeah that's fine, what time? Morning or afternoon.
Afternoon, after 1pm.
Ok, so 1.15pm.
I realise after i leave that Zoe is the new supervisor who is having her first day today. I've never seen her, so I don't know her.

I look in 3 clothes shops and buy a navy jumper for £21.50.
I return to the phone shop and my phone's not there. I see a guy no older than 19. His badge says he's called 'Luke' but i never trust things like that. I usually wear a badge that says 'Sid' for work.
Hey, where's my phone?
eeerm, phone? i don't know.
I left it here to charge.
Who served you?
I have no idea.
Ok, 1 second.
He walks into the back, emerging 30 seconds later with my phone.
Sorry we took it into the back to charge.
Oh, cool, thanks. Cya.

I start to walk back home and text M from work.
Just wanted to let you know i've given my notice in today. Been great working with you, make sure I still see you.
What!!!!!!???? :( Andy you're my man i dunno what i'm going to do without you!!! please stay in touch.
I'll still be in Leeds until July so don't think you're getting rid of me that easy. We'll just have to go out more.
It's a deal. Thank you so much for everything.

S texts me during this conversation.
Hey geek. We're gonna drink at ----'s. My old house, then prob just go to HP pub. They've shafted Headingly. Then they want to go out somewhere. What does thee want to do?
Sounds perfect. When you going to ----'s?
9, where do you want to end up?
In the gutter.
Nice. see you later.

I get home and one of our cats has returned after being away for 3 days. And now I'm just wasting time until 9 so I can start the weekend as I intend to go on.

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