Monday, 26 April 2010

Frankie Says Relax

I'm deciding my next move and Culture Club comes on. I'm reminded of the year long stint of dancing to Kim Wilde, Blondie, George Harrison, George Michael, Kool & The Gang, Cyndi Lauper and Madness every Monday with 30 or so people from my student halls. Paying 80p to enter the club, and 80p for a vodka and coke, with a ratio of 1:1. Going to the bar, ordering 6; downing 3 and putting the other 3 in one glass. Falling off stages, down stairs, onto the floor. Dancing on the raised platforms around the club in front of floor to ceiling mirrors. Making friends with every person there, kissing anyone who came close. Seraching for friend's phones and cameras which have ended up on the floor. Spending an hour in the unisex bathroom, making our own party around the large fountain sink in the centre.
This was my first year in Leeds, every single Monday. It was our religion, and we practised it routinely. It contributed to my failing mark of the module which had class at 11am on Tuesdays. It also contributed to me drunkenly bonding with the people I now live with. People who liked getting into as much of a mess as me. After 3 months we were let in for free, and this let us buy an extra drink. And each of us were thrown out at least once. And at least 2 of us ended up in just our underwear outside. And each night would be talked about until the next one.
We all made some sort of sexual adventure from that night. A now Girl Housemate was asked by the guy she hooked up with if they could go to sleep with his penis inside her. And many mornings were spent hiding in flatmate's rooms, or pretending someone needed to go to hospital, or getting dressed pretending you had somewhere to go, just so that the person in your bed would finally leave. And one disturbing night where all I remember is pre-drinking and then walking home 4 hours later with no idea what happened in between. With a guy called Rob who studied Japanese and had a huge dick. And getting out of ever seeing him again by telling him I had a girlfriend.
And I don't miss it. I can't drink vodka and coke anymore. And I don't like being around people who are as drunk as we used to get. And I don't like people I don't know talking to me.

I'm listening to:Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams

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