Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Today carried on pretty average. I walked to uni at 1.45pm to start an experiment ready for tomorrow. Nothin' like experimentin'. Except labs were closed, so I walked to reception and was told they'd be open at 2.15. And I forgot my cigarettes, so I had to buy a pouch and some rizla. I roll a cigarette with a filter made from the rizla packet and smoke it out the entrance.
I go to labs, set up my experiment, have a little go at one of the women at the glass stores. Usually I get on great with her, we have a laugh. But I walked up to the little window and she was chatting with another technician and a lab supervisor I fucking hate.
Hey, I was just seeing if could get a-
Andrew, come back in a minute.

And I give her the evil eye, which i've been told i'm pretty great at, mainly because I think i'm better than most people., then walk away. I don't go back in a minute. I borrowed what I wanted from someone else.

I've just got back from seeing Kick Ass. So fucking funny. But whoever made the trailer for this movie should be shot. It doesn't do it justice. If I only went off the trailer I wouldn't have seen it, but after hearing all the reviews I checked it out. Laughed a lot.
And for some reason the fact that Aaron Johnson is marrying like, a 50 year old, and is becoming a step-dad to a 12 year old makes him so much hotter to me. Probably 'cause I find guys with responsibilities hot, and you don't get many 19 year olds with more responsibility than that. I'm not really into married guys though, I'm not looking for someone with that much responsilitiy, like, it would be really fucking cool if I found someone who had a job, and a pet or something.

Aaron Johnson
And my favourite:
And my friend sent me this today, which I remember him putting on a huge projector in his flat last year when I was fucked, and my life was complete.


Formysake said...


I think you have a really great blog. And very funny too. You make me laugh out loud. Keep it up!


Andy said...

Thanks FMS; right back at ya.