Saturday, 10 April 2010

Last Night

It's 7.15pm on a Friday night and I'm sat at J's new breakfast bar that he constructed this afternoon. We're drinking cider and smoking our 3rd cigarette in just as many minutes. We're waiting for Y.
AGR text me earlier saying he found money and wanted to come out.
I want to come out, mum said she'd fund it.
I told J
(his boyfriend) and he had a massive go at me saying why can't he just go out with his friends so i don't think I'm allowed to come but have a good night. xx
Ok, I'll be back some time next week
I get to J's and show him the texts. J told AGR that he thinks he shouldn't come because he'll be late for work in the morning and he'll be too rough and J doesn't want to have to give him a lift there at 8am. But he's welcome to come as long as he goes back to his own house.
AGR texts me again
Are you at J's now?
I sure am sugarpie.
Ooh what's going on? Are you having fun?
AGR why are you being so weird. You know you want to come out.
You ask J why I can't come!
I'm sat with him and he's told me. You can come but he doesn't want to have to take you to work. So it's up to you. No one's stopping you.
J shouted at me before and he's ignoring my texts.
Right I'm telling you now. Come to J's if you're coming out.
AGR doesn't come.
Y does.

We get out for 10.30 and go to a few bars. We end up in a club and i stop drinking at 12am. I have work the next day in Leeds and need to be up for 10.
I'm just at the right stage of drunk. Some boy tells me i have nice hair. I smile (with my eyes) and walk away.

J and Y are wasted and J is trying to get me some action.
OK, who do you like the look of? Y and I will accidentally on purpose dance-push you into them.
J, i don't like people who come to places like this.
But you're here.
I don't like myself!

We leave at 3am, and get some food. J and I have to share a bed because his Dad's passed out in the spare room. Pretty common.
I get woken at 9am with a text from my supervisor.
Could you work 12-7 instead of 12-4? L phoned in sick and we need someone here to close.
I'll work 3-7?
I relish in my negotiation skills, having just gained myself 2 extra hours in bed and the chance of a shower before work.

And now I'm back in Leeds, home alone, about to order chinese and watching Harry Potter.

And I need my fucking loan to come through.
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