Friday, 2 April 2010

Last Night

So we end up on Call Lane, again. So we end up in the bar that Curls works in, again. I've already gotten through 2 bottles of pear cider and a bottle of wine at K's house. I'm with K and S and we're chatting to Curls. Fox is in here with some girl. He's shorter up close. I tell K, because we have a mutual disliking of him for stealing away Curls.
Me:He's shorter up close.
K:He's not actually as good looking in real life, he's just really photogenic.

Curls:Right, gotta go say hi to the boyfriend.
K and I look at eachother, and pretend we didn't hear that.

It's 11.30 and we head to a club, where i drink more. Fox is there too, he's boring, he doesn't even dance, he doesn't even talk. I think i'm not that drunk but I can't stand still even if I want to.
It's 2.oo and i've not been this drunk in a long time. We get a taxi home. The 2 Girl Housemates that are left are still out.
Where are you?
A:We're in --------, it's good you should come.
S:------- come!
Not now, just thought you might be bringing a party back. I'm home.

I wake up at 8.30 and need water. Girl Housemates come home at 9.00

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