Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I wake up at 10.50am with a voicemail and an e-mail.

'Hi this is a message for Andy. My name is -----I'm a police officer from ------. I've been trying to contact you in relation to an incident that happend last december involving some of your friends. I'm just wondering if you're willing to provide a witness statement. Could you call back on -------------. Thank you.

The e-mail, timed 10 minutes after the call, says pretty much the same thing.
I try to ring back; no answer. I won't be calling again. I've already tried to give a statement with some other police officer; last month I had an afternoon apointment and called in the morning to confirm it only to find out the guy wasn't even in work that day. So i've done my part, they can start chasing me up if they want it. Plus, they call on blocked numbers, which I never answer.

The last time I dealt with the police I had to identify a guy on a video screen which showed 6 men. I got the right one.
After i'd finished that the police told me 'you're a hard guy to get hold of.'
I try my best.

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