Sunday, 25 April 2010

Last Night

Well, last night started at 4pm. Pub, beer garden, cider. Girl Housemate got rediculously drunk and fell asleep on a table at 8pm, much to the amusement of the rest of us. The glass collector brought her a glass of water, she went to the bathroom, threw up, and then returned full of life.
2 Girl housemates and I decided to go out after we left at 9.30. We were on the second floor of a little bar dancing to motown, and somehow Girl Housemate 1 has suddenly become as drunk as Girl Housemate from before. I'm sat at a table with Girl Housemate 2 and the other one comes back from the toilet, thuds down onto a chair, drops her phone and then dives onto the floor near a couple's feet.
We leave and go to my usual spot. 2 girls looks like they want to hit Girl Housemate 1, and she's starting to annoy me so i drag her away and sit her on a stool while I dance with Girl Housemate 2. We leave at 1am.

Picture: Girl Housemate 1 on the left. Girl Housemate 2 on the right.
And then there's this:

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