Tuesday, 4 May 2010


So i've got fuck loads of uni work at the moment. I finish labs this friday so i've got about 7 lab write ups to finish, and 2 pieces of work to hand in; so doubt you'll be hearing from me again until friday.

Last night was maybe the worst nights sleep of my life, and that's counting when I took a gram of coke last year. I got to sleep at maybe 1.30am and woke up at 5.15am. I'd dreamt that my family cat had eaten a guinea pig that we don't actually own but did in my dream. And the guinea pig was a fat bastard and was choking my cat as it tried to swallow it. And I was trying to put my fingers down my cat throat and blood was coming out of it's mouth.
And I also remember dreaming being at a fairground and watching a ride like this:detach from the arms all Final Destination stylee and watching as it flew across the sky. And I could see injured people, so I got out my phone but instead of dialling 999 I just stared, curious at what they would do. Yeah, fucked up right. I think i'm pretty fucking stressed.
So i lay in bed at 5.15am, and I lay there until my alarm sounds at 7.45am. So I take a shower and walk to uni at 8.45 so I can start on work that i've just finished; almost 15 hours later.
So have a great few days, and pray for me, or send me healing waves, or sacrifice a small country animal, whatever you believe in. But i'll be back in a few days.

Yeah DJ Doorly, the DJ whose gig I met Mark at. Good job I don't connect his music to that night because Mark never text me back.

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