Sunday, 2 May 2010

Last Night

Night 3 of 4

An Italian meal and 2 bottles of wine. And an amaretto for dessert because they have spirits on the menu. 14 of us leave and go to Curls' work place (who's now left for Ibiza with Fox to work for god knows how long). 2 drinks and then we go next door to my usual place. New girl Zoe says she's going to a place for bank holiday that makes me think she does a lot of drugs, and she also says she gets paid £10 an hour to club dance on platforms, and she also says she's 'queen of the gays' and gets my number so we can go out. I tell her i'm not much of a gay so she shouldn't get her hopes up. I just like cock.
And the manager's wasted like she usually is, and her boyfriend tells me he knows a guy he wants me to go on a date with because 'when I think of him he reminds me of you, I think you'd be great; he's a swimmer.' I tell him i'd need to meet him before we go on a proper date.
At 11.45pm we leave and go to watch a friend's gig who works with us.

I run out of money so I have to pay on my card, adding a shot of tequila so it's over £5 so I can pay. And I hear that Carl who used to work with us went on a date with the area manager who's out with us. Then I see them kissing, and Carl's definitely going to regret it. Plus, he's way too cool for her; and she's a bitch. They end up going back to her hotel room.
At 2am we leave for somewhere else, and 2 people say I am their favourite person from work, and I think they're both pretty awesome. I tell one of them i've seen her vagina on her boyfriend's photography website. The other is the manager's boyfriend, who everyone calls Broom, and he's a fucking funny guy so I appreciate it.
I ask for The Smiths but the DJ doesn't have any; I don't mind, he's playing great music.
Someone who I used to work with asks me how long i've been sleeping with the other gay guy and I tell him loads and loads when in fact it's none. And some guy who we don't know laughs when he asks because he thinks he's insulting me, so we turn round and stare at him until he walks away. A guy behind the bar tells me we look like we're a lot of fun and I say 'you should see us when there's a birthday.'
We leave at 3.30am and meet some guys outside and invite them back to someones house. We don't see them again. Now there's only 4 of us: manager, manager's boyfriend, and guy who used to work with me. We get a taxi back to the guy's house, and we can't find anywhere open to get more alcohol. I'm still not feeling drunk and tell someone I think i'm becoming alcoholic. 'I've drank 2 bottles of wine, and an amaretto, and about 4 pints of lager and 5 pints of cider and a shot.' He tells me it's fine because i've had a meal.
We get near the guy's house and stop so we can find somewhere to get drugs because of the lack of alcohol. We nearly kick the shit out of some guy who said he's get us ketamine and then, after 20 minutes of us waiting, asked us who we think we are. The manager calms things down. We go back to the house and I scan through some CDs and put on Yeah Yeah Yeahs-It's Blitz!
I find a bottle of wine and share it with the manager then leave at 5.30am when they go to find a petrol station that's open.

And now I still feel a little tipsy, but I have to drive back to Manchester and buy a card on the way for my sister's birthday tomorrow. I need to nap when I get there but I doubt it will happen so i'll find something to keep me awake for tonight.

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I tell her i'm not much of a gay so she shouldn't get her hopes up. I just like cock.