Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I've somehow managed to get extremely organised in the past day, mainly by lying to a senior lecturer about labs and getting some work knocked off my list of things that need doing. Saying that I still have a lot to do, i'm writing this while I have my lunch.

Another terrible nights sleep.
I fall asleep at 1.30am to the noise of my television because I needed something to drown out the thoughts of work in my head. I wake up at 3.13am and drift in and out of consciousness until 7.45. The strange haluciogenic dreames continued:
Swimming pools and robot animals and cartoon birds and my father and paper raining down and amber lights and some sort of death, life or soul, and my teeth and running my hands through a pile of gold coins.

So I told a housemate this morning and she's giving me some sleeping pills of hers tonight.

Oh, and some pictures i've collected over the past week:

One of them's a facebook picture of one of my mates, i'm sure you can tell which one. I thought it was a great picture so I saved it.

And welcome to the new followers and anyone else lured here by FMS.


Dodger said...

Found your blog from FMS. Enjoy it and your British sense of humor shows through (yanks love it).

Andy said...

Dodger-welcome, and thank you. (that was British sarcasm at its best)