Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I think i've finally accomplished something: becoming detached from popular society.
Over the last 120 minutes whilst reading chapters of a chemistry textbook (if for some reason you don't know already, i'm studying a chemistry related course) and having some compilation of music videos that 'everyone' (repeated many times by the host, although I still wonder who 'everyone' is, and what person put together this list and why they think them worthy) should be listening to and watching right now, I managed to only know 5 out of the 40 acts I saw. I see this as an accomplishment. I've been working towards it for a good 8 months; never listening to radio, sticking to the same bars and clubs, walking away from any conversation that involves the words 'tune', 'radio 1' or 'new single', and only downloading songs recommended by trusted friends or blogs, filtering out and putting the ones I enjoy on repeat.
I don't do this as some sort of self-righteous snobby attack against pop culture. I just dislike the crappy shit that is constantly filling the airwaves of this country and calling itself 'individual' or 'new' when it's all been done before and someplace somewhere someone is sampling a sample and remixing it and then adding a bassline.
That is my culture, and it's based on nothing, because nothing is the only thing that anyone has never done.
The double standard is my only standard.

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