Monday, 3 May 2010

Last Night

Night 4 of 4

I get to J's at 9pm and pick his cousin up on the way. A bottle of wine went down nicely and I was chatting to his mum for a bit while she was smoking weed. She started suffering from some weird pain in her face that she had a few years ago, and she had no pain killers left.
We leave J's at 11pm and get into the city. We go to one place that's too quiet so leave and go somewhere else first. I don't know if it was 4 nights of drinking that made me think people were acting weird, or if it's just because there were some fucking weird people out.
One guy came up to me:
Could I hang around with you for a bit? My mates left me.
Eerm, no.
And then some girl with half a shaved head just comes and stands in front of me a little later while i'm rolling a cigarette. She doesn't say anything but she's looking right at me so I figure I need to speak in order to get her away from me.
Hey, you ok?
She just nods and smiles.
Ok, well you have a good night, i'm going before you kill me.

So we go back to the first place we went and meet J's boyfriend and his mate. We're waiting for the drag show because we know one of the drag queens. It completely confuses me when I see him sometimes because the first few times I met him he wasn't in drag, and he's really good looking and not camp at all. So then when I see him in drag it makes me trip out because he makes such a good woman; he's like, really pretty. I think I fancy him when he's in drag but I don't think about it much in case I get a complex.
Anyway i'm stood at the bar and I can see at least 4 people around the place looking at me. 1 was just staring at me and I kept catching the eyes of 3 other people when I'd look at them, and they'd quickly turn away. So the drag guy walks in from the back dressed as Marilyn Monroe and comes over to us at the bar. While we're chatting to him....her, I can see the 4 people still looking at me so I ask the drag if he knows them because they're being weird at me.
Because you're looking extra good tonight honey.
And he strokes his hand down the centre of my back which tickles and makes me quiver, which was pretty embarrassing.
about 30 minutes later the show starts and the bar's packed. People keep dancing into me and bumping me when they walk past and it's fucking annoying. 1 girl barges right into my back as she's walking past so I decide to make an example of her so people will stay a fucking foot away from me.
I turn around and shout down her ear.
Excuse you!
The words hissed out of my mouth and slapped her across the face; satisfying. She looks at me and obviously didn't assess me properly because she says:
And what?
She rolled her head when she said it which annoyed me even more.
And fucking what? watch where you're going and fuck off!
She looked to her male friend who had been watching but he pretended he wasn't paying attention, probably because J was standing right behind me and he's a big guy. She pretty much ran away and J was pissing himself laughing. For the rest of the show we had a nice little private circle on the dance floor which no one penetrated.
Just as we were about to leave I saw a guy I used to know. I've not seen him for about 10 months and I know it was because he did something shitty to me or maybe a friend, but I can't remember exactly. He's gotten fat, which was great for me so then I could do this: I finished my drink as we were walking out, I went to put my drink down right behind where he was stood so I kind of leaned over him, looked at his stomach, then laughed in his face. Then we left.

I just read that back and I wonder how anyone puts up with me doing shit like this haha. Maybe I shouldn't go out 4 nights in a row again if this is how I act on the last night.

And i'm sending out love to ForMySake, because I found his blog the other week and it's now one of my favourites.

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