Thursday, 11 March 2010

Last Night

I was taking no interest in whatever sport was causing 50 guys to be immersed in whichever plasma screen was closest. 2 Girl Housemates and I had ditched the others and chose pub over cinema, wise decision. We were nearing the end of our bottles of wine, the game must have finished, or the men must have gone outside to bump chests and grunt, i don't know. But the pub was near closing so we tried to plan our next move. It didn't take long, we unanimously voted to go out.
We walked home, ordering a taxi on the way, and quickly prepared.
No queue, bonus. Small banter with someone trying to get our personal information on the way in. £4.
The Cure welcomed me. I never thought tonight could ever be this close to me.
I set my sights on the bar, downed 2 jagerbombs, finished my double vodka mixer in no more than 2 minutes and ordered another round. We went outside, made a new wasted friend, and danced with her for the next hour.
A Girl Housemate came back from the toilet and slipped a bag into my hand. I made my way to where she'd just left. I closed the cubicle door and searched for my house key. The door started opening, I closed it. It opened again, some skin head in black clothes told me to come out. I slipped the bag in my back pocket.
'Have you got any drugs?'
'What's in your back pocket?'
I take out the bag,
'Right, out'
'What? It's legal?'
It is, but it won't be for long. They still don't take kindly to it.
'Just give me it and follow me'
He leads me to the door and follows me out.
Some orange girl says 'Hugs not drugs' as i walk out, i give her a look that says 'Shut the fuck up, you whore. Thanks'
I text Girl Housemate and inform her of the recent events. She meets me at the smoking area barrier, she laughs, i laugh, i apologise. She doesn't care, there was only 3 keys left.
I walk home.
It was probably a good thing, I had Labs at 10 this morning, I've just got back.
I still stayed up until ~3am, chatrouletting. I had a good chat with a guy in Miami, and 2 girls in NY. There's so much (ugly) penis on that thing. Next is my friend.

Mark:'How goes it? Trying to finish a boring module and feeling ill.'
Me:'aww, no symathy here. I'm drinking through my illness. Trip to the pub has turned into a night in ---. Labs at 10 tomorrow, not good'

Me:'Bouncer fucking looked round the door and threw me out.'
Girl Housemate:'hahahahaha, meet me at SA'

I'm listening to: Tori Amos-Angels

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