Tuesday, 9 March 2010


It's a rare sunny day, so i'm lay across my bed in some grey jogging bottoms next to my large paneled window with work all around me. The sun is in just the right place, bathing me in warmth. I'm listening to The Smiths. Morrissey is telling me it's over, but i don't believe him, because nothing has been started.

Mark text me the other day, he's in London. He still wants to go for a drink when he comes back.

I have 2 weeks until Easter break, 1 month off, during which, according to my tutor, i should become a geek and actually get some work done.
I think i'll go home, flowers in hand, this weekend for Mother's Day. It's only fair considering I've not seen her for about a month. Apparently It's also Son Week according to my mother's facebook status. I have quite a few family members on my facebook, but my mother, sister, Auntie and 3 cousins are the only ones who can see my complete profile. All the others get the privilage of just seeing my profile picture and birth date.

'It's SON WEEK!!!!! If you have one son or more, who makes your life interesting and fun, IS a blessing in your life and makes life worth living by being around, copy and paste this to your status. The world would not be the same without OUR HANDSOME BOYS!. Of course mine is my gorgeous son Andy - love you'

I like this.

Last weekend was fairly standard. Friday night was fun, we went round to the neighbours for some drinks before we went out. The club was the same as usual, dirty dubstep was vibrating my body and most people around me were gurning. I got a lift off one of my friends who was driving at about 3am because i had work on Saturday. I shouted at him most of the way trying to make him turn his Limp Bizkit CD off. It didn't work. I'll be there again this Friday.

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