Monday, 15 March 2010


It's Saturday night. I'm at some freshers halls at some shitty party. There's a few of my good friends there, so I'm sticking by them.
We go outside for a cigarette, some drunken loser calls one of my friends a faggot. One of my other friends steps in:
'Are you alright? You pretty drunk? How embaressing on your part'
She then throws her drink in his face.
We go back inside.
I see one of my friends in a corner with some girl, it looks like they're having a heated discussion. Apparently the girl had come out of a room with my friend's friends boyfriend....i think. My friend ended up making the girl start crying, which was pretty rediculous because i listened to most of what was being said and she wasn't being attacked or blamed, just asked what had happened.
So, that's where it all started, the girls boyfriend got annoyed, there was already a fight going on outside. So when all of this moved outside it turned into a huge mess. Fists, drinks, a whole lot of stupid shit.
I hate freshers, they're still all caught up in their high school drama. Who gives a shit.

I left with one of my friends and went to a gay club. When we got there everything had changed from when i was last there....and the people there weren't exactly the usual studenty crowd.
We left and went to a few other bars, left about 2am.
I reaslied the day after that the first place had moved location and i'd totally forgotten. Oops.

I'm at my family home for the next few days. Arrived yesterday for mother's day. My mum didn't know i was coming home so it was pretty fun surprising her, my sister has cooked so we had a nice family meal.
I'm planning to get a lot of work done while i'm here, it's so much easier than trying to work in Leeds.
Tonight i think i'm going out with my core group of best mates. One of the guys' Grandmother and Father died on the same day last week, so it's all been pretty emotional recently. We're pretty much the only friends he's told so we want to make sure he's coping and feeling supported. I've never really had someone that close to me die, my uncle and grandfather have both died in the last few years, but I wasn't really close to either of them. It's always a sad occasion when someone dies but i have no idea what it's like when someone so close to you passes and it leaves a huge hole in your life, leaving you wondering what the hell just happened.
My friend and I had a really long chat just after it happened and he said it was feeling like a dream. I still don't think he's dealing with it properly, he father and his grandmother were 2 of the most important people in his life. What bothered me was him saying he was feeling guilty for not telling other people. I told him that the only person he should be thinking about at the moment is himself. You can't worry about what other people are thinking when there's so much already on your mind.

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