Saturday, 13 March 2010


Yesterday i finished Uni at 5, headed home, had a shower and got ready to meet my housemates at a pub where we were celebrating one of our friends birthdays.
There's a pub crawl here that starts at one pub and goes all the way into town. There's around 20 pubs along the way and the rule is to have 1 drink in each, usually a pint of beer or a single spirit. It's usually done in fancy dress and there's quite a lot of people any day of the week, but fridays and saturdays see hundreds of people trying to conquer it. Not many get all the way to the end. I've never done a full one, we always start too late; you usually have to start at around 3pm to get through them all.
The ones i've been on have been lifeguards, little bo peep and her sheep (the birthday girl was little bo peep, everyone else were sheep), cartoons, and a few non fancy dress ones.
Anyway, we started a little down the line, we didn't do fancy dress because, well, we're all lazy.
So after 5 pubs we were right near our house so everyone came round to drink a little before heading to a house party. I went to bed at about 2am because i had work today, so i threw off my clothes and lay on my bed.
I'm lay there watching QI and a friend of the birthday boy comes crashing into my room looking for the bathroom. I suddenly realise i'm totally naked and throw my covers over me. Her face is fucking hilarious, she has no idea what to do so she just backs out with a look of total shock haha.
I wasn't really bothered, she was so drunk i doubt she saw anything, and i was too drunk to care anyway.

Work today was the same as usual, i didn't do much, just chatted to my collegues.

I'm about to get ready to go see my friend. He's from back home and text me saying he's in Leeds tonight. So I'm gonna go join him with one of housemates at some flat party. I don't know if i'm going to get too drunk, i have work again tomorrow. I'll probably end up getting wasted.

I've just remembered i forgot a Thank Fuck It's Friday post. Apologies. I'll try and make it up with lots of eye candy posts during the week.

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