Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I'm cleaning. Literally; hoping it will clean all other aspects of my life.
I've done my rediculous pile of laundry, tidied my room, made some great progress on my dissertation (2057 words), sent off for my passport, had a meeting with my tutor to discuss my impending graduation, etc.

So just because I use salty phrases and I go through stages
Where I neglect endeavor does it mean I'm not clever?
No I don't think so

I've sorted a night out for friday. I have a small hope Mark will be there, he does the lights for a DJ who's a resident at the club that night. Still no text back.

VW text me last night (and the night before, but i ignored that one).

VW:'Hey u x'
VW:'You ok Mr? When we havin a drink? x'
Me:'Not bad, in the library :) Dunno X'
VW:'Lol ur lame x'
VW:'Library borin, u need a pic to make it better :-P lol x'
Me:'Always been lame, always will be :) x'
VW:'No pic then ner lol x'
Me:'Need to concentrate on my dissertation anyway ner lol x'
Either a) he doesn't understand sarcasm
or b) he can't take a hint
VW:'Lol ano sorry Mr catch you in a bit x'
VW:Picture of him on a night out
Me:'I thought you were gonna let me get on with work'
VW:'Sorry x'

I know i look like I'm being harsh, but I've not seem him for maybe 3 months, and I've decided it's going nowhere. We're just not like eachother, and not in a good way. He's pretty clingy, and always texts 3+ times when i don't even text back....
I'm getting bored of the endless texts with no real substance.
The above conversation is pretty much like all the others he starts.

I'm just looking forward to the weekend.

I'm listening to:The Courteeners-Acrylic

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