Thursday, 28 January 2010


That's Jon, there's a lot to say about Jon.
We went through school together from the age of 7 and were really good friends until about the age of 13 or 14. We still spoke and everything after that but we had different friend groups.
He was always one of the most popular guys in school, mainly because he was one of the best looking. He was into sports, girls, a typical lad's lad.
So the summer after high school i was on holiday with my family and got a text from him. He was just asking about what i was doing after leaving, what uni i was going to etc. The conversation then went in a different direction (i knew there was an alterior motive for him texting me). He started asking if i had a boyfriend, what guys i liked, what was different about being with a guy.
He couldn't have made it more obvious that he was curious about it, so i played along. I asked him if he had ever thought about switching sides, just for a one time thing, to see what it was like.
Then he dropped the bomb, 'well yeah, i'm bi, i've always known, i've just never acted on it', or something like that.

Wow, this couldn't have been better, a guy i'd lusted over since i was 13 was pretty much declaring his love for me. Well, not exactly but it was a nice thought.
After this we started texting quite a lot, he was asking a lot of questions, but never really anything sexual directed towards me, not yet.

After a few months he sent me a text in the early hours of the morning, 'i'm so fucking horny, i've been thinking about fucking you and it turns me on so much.' Ok, he was obviously drunk so i just ignored it, but he text me in the morning, 'i meant that text last night, i really want to try it.'
Well goddamnit! get your ass over here!
I didn't say exactly that, i played it cool :P
The texts continued and have done ever since, we chat occasionally and since then he's been sucked off by 2 guys, both 'straight'.
We exchange pics occasionally and he seems fascinated by my dick. He thinks it's huge and is constantly asking me to measure it and send a pic. I haven't done it yet, i'm around 7" incase you're wondering ;)
Unfortunately we're at uni's pretty far from eachother and i'm rarely back at home due to work, so when i am my time's taken up with family and friends, and we're never usually home at the same time. I've seen him out a few times at christmas and during summer, but it's on nights out, and nooone else knows about his other sexual desires, so friendly conversation and suttle flirting is about as far as we get.
But we both have a little giggle when we do see eachother, it's our little secret.

I've told a few of my close friends about it, one of whom i've known for the same period of time, and the 3 of us were really close up until early teens. I'm still very good friends with the other guy, he turned out gay as well, but we're practically family, nothing would ever happen there. He's insanely jealous that the hottest guy in school wants me to suck his dick haha

I don't know if anything will ever come of this, but here's for hoping!

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