Saturday, 30 January 2010

Living For The Weekend

It's late, i have work tomorrow. But i'm going out tomorrow night to see Super Furry Animals and a great local band called The Sunshine Underground. I'm going with one of my really close friends who i may get a flat with in July.

On Sunday I have work again, and then i'm going to a wedding reception for one of my supervisors.
So it looks like 2 very drunk nights are ahead of me, i can't wait :D
This may mean there might not be very many posts this weekend, but i'll let you know what i've been up to on Monday.
Have a great weekend, get into trouble.

Oh, if you check out The Gayest Str8 Guy's blog, he posted some reader's pics. I'm in there somewhere ;)

I'll leave you with some of The Sunshine Underground. Check them out.

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