Monday, 25 January 2010

Be Mine

Meet Curls (obviously not his real name).
Curls was at the bar i went to on saturday when i met my friends. I've known him for maybe over a year, and thought he was hot as soon as i saw him. He's about 6ft, big build, great face, and messy curly hair. Very straight acting, i didn't know he was gay until one of my friends mentioned it.
On a birthday night out for one of my friends last year it was army fancy dress and he was there. He looked amazing, combat shorts, white vest, army paint. We went to a big club and had a great night, i chatted to him a few times, just general friendly conversation.
A few months ago i was talking to my friend and he came up, she mentioned that he'd told her he thinked i looked hot that night. After a tirade of abuse aimed towards her for not telling me sooner i told her i thought he was fit. Whether this information has been passed to him i don't know.
But on Saturday when we went into the bar he was sat there with one of his friends who i know really well. I moved my way over without making it obvious i was delibrately going in his direction (because i'm an idiot like that, i'm too shy for my own good when it comes to making a move). I said hi to the girl he was sat with and during our conversation he stood up and came next to me. He said hi and we had a little chat, nice and friendly, nothing awkward. Unforunately that was about it, he had to leave shortly after and i'd lost my chance. I was hoping he'd be staying for the rest of the night.
Let's pray i see him out again soon, because he's pretty much perfect.

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