Tuesday, 1 June 2010


The text version.

I finished my exam at 11am on Friday morning and was in the student bar by 11.15am with a drink in my hand. I was with 7 people from my course although I only like 2 of them. I stay until 2.30pm, having consumed 4 drinks, and make my way home. I have 36 cans of pear cider waiting for me and nothing to do but drink them all. I sit in the sun with 2 housemates for an hour or 2 and we drink and listen to music. Then people start to arrive and we say our hellos and ask the same questions:
'how are you?'
'have you finished your exams?'
'how'd they go?'
'ready to get wasted?'
Soon our house has 40 people spread over the bottom floor. We start a bbq and play some games: throw a rugby ball to each other in a circle, if you drop it you go down on one knee, then two, then one hand behind your back, then lie on your front, then on your back, then you're out. It doesn't last long, so then we play a classic game of british bulldog. I win the first game by pushing someone into our fence.
It's midnight and i've drank 14 cans and replayed my iTunes playlist Club Kids twice. 3 housemates and I decide to go out. We get a taxi, pay £6 into the club, dance for 30 minutes and then I leave leave with one housemate. I couldn't cope with the crowd. So we return home and carry on with whoever was left there. I get to bed around 5.30am and sleep for 5 hours.

I wake up on Sunday to a text from J:
Do you fancy going to the Beer Walk today? We're all going. It'll be the perfect way to celebrate your exams. We're leaving my house at 1pm. Drive back to Manchester now.
Ok, i'll get my shit together, be at yours at 12.30.
Good, we've got a surprise for you, hope you don't mind looking ridiculous.
I always look ridiculous.

So I get my shit together and drive back to Manchester. I get to J's and am presented with a white boiler suit with spray painted black stripes, and a pair of tights with 2 holes to put over my head. Great, now I don't have to care about how awful I look. We leave to go to the starting point in a village about 20 minutes away. We join the 3000 or so other people all in fancy dress and begin the 11 mile walk. I don't drink until the 3rd pub because, well, I feel like fucking shit. I start drinking, have a burger, and then I feel fine. I realise how much of a godsend this costume is because I see 3 or 4 people from high school who can't pick me out from the crowd because of my mask, so I don't have to say hi.
So we complete the walk, finishing at 7.45pm, not drunk at all because of the time walking between pubs, and head home. J and I decide to shower and get ready to go out to meet his boyfriend and a few of our friends. We get out at 11pm, go to a bar by ourselves for a drink first and then meet them.
I've probably said before that I don't particularly enjoy the gay scene here, so I tend to ignore anything strangers say to me or get annoyed quickly. Some short older guy puts his hand on my back while he's trying to get past me, this doesn't bother me. He looks up at me when he's in front and says 'oh wow, you're beautiful.' I occupy my blank stare face and just look straight ahead, because i'm a cunt.
Anyway, we dance and drink until 3am and then leave. 2 Of J's boyfriend's friends are very handsy when they see me and try to open my shirt, or crab my crotch, or kiss my face, or slap my ass, or dance like desperate strippers in front of me. But they do this every time so I'm used to it now and just laugh but it tends to grab peoples attention which I'm not too fond of.

Now. I'm back in Leeds. And I'm going out with my friends K and S tonight. And we have our university's summer ball this friday which I bought a suit for yesterday. Florence and the Machine are playing there, and then Doorly is DJing in one of the tents so I can't wait. Then I have a night out on Saturday I think with old work people.

I bought Kafka's 'The Trial' yesterday so I'm going to start reading that. I don't feel like carrying on with 'Making History' at the moment so i'll start that after.

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