Friday, 11 June 2010


Last night was strangely eventful.

VW text me 2 days ago:
I'm backk x x
I didn't know he'd been anywhere, and i've not seen him for like 5 months. Ignore.

Last night:
Hey gorgeous how u x

Hey u x
Ahh! Ignore

A call from a blocked number 20 minutes later. Blatantly him. THIS is why i stopped things with him.

Mr rude boi :-P
He definitely can't take a hint.

And then there was Parker:
Parker:Going home 4 summer 2morra. Last fuck? x
Eerm there was never a first haha, obviously drunk.

Me:Haha what?
Parker:Haha, bored horny n most of all want hugs! Lol. U wanna come ova? B nice 2 c ya x
Me:I was asleep, no way i'm getting out of bed sorry. Should've text me earlier :)
I lied. I hadn't been asleep, but i'd been laying in bed for 4 hours trying to. Plus a few week ago I saw he'd put something about voting Conservative on his facebook. I'm not gonna sleep with someone I know votes Conservative. I'm not providing sex for someone with such ridiculous political views. Well I probably would, but I was tired and there was no way I was getting dressed and walking to his flat.

Parker: Just come's my last night in leeds till sept. Sooner you get outta bed sooner you'll be here :)
Me:I'm asleeeeep

I put my phone on vibrate.
Missed call from Parker.
And another....
Oh God.

I turn my phone off.

I get to sleep some time after 6am.

I just want to graduate and leave Leeds. I need a new place, new people.
I'm just waiting for a housemate to get home so fun week can begin.


Anonymous said...

what a creeper

CouldThisBeIt said...

I laughed at the voting conservative part, haha. I automatically assume anyone I talk to is a democrat here, and then if they tell me they are a republican, I just can't believe it! I only assumed crazy people were conservative, I always wait for some like punchline... but they are serious!! haha... but like you said... I'd still probably hook up with them... never start a relationship though (*lets hope I didn't just jinx myself*).

dccised said...

i dream of being this desired.

Andy said...

In Search of-YEP

Could This Be It-As much as i'd like to sexually punish a conservative voter, i'm just too desperate.

DCCised-I'm not sure if it's desire...but at least i'm not being ignored haha.