Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Last Night

I go to K's at 9.30pm. She welcomes me to the door.
'Where the fuck have you been?'
'What do you mean? You said be here by 9....'
'I needed you here by 9 so you could open my wine bottle for me. I've been sat here ready for 30 minutes with no alcohol.'
'Oh shut up K, you're such an alcoholic. Now let's get wasted.'
We're waiting for S to get driven back from Manchester. By the time she arrives at 11.30 me and K are pretty tipsy but thankfully S had almost finished off a bottle of wine in the car.
We head out and decide to go to a bar near the club to check how busy it is. No queue at the club so we sit in the bar. K is getting chatted up by some 40 year old man in a suit and his 37 year old friend is telling me about his 2 sons and how they love camping. And then he tells me I should go camping with him some time. I politely declined and told him I was allergic to grass. I probably would have taken him up on his offer if he was better looking.
While all this is going on S has been downing cocktails and is now drunker than K and I put together. So we say our goodbyes and K's guy hands her his business card. And then both of them hand me their business cards. I have no idea what the fuck's going on. The cards both say they're vice presidents of some firm I don't know. My camping guy is the vice president of finance.
So anyway, we leave and get to the club. I down 2 drinks straight away but regret it as soon as they're gone. I order 2 more drinks and we head to the edge of the dance floor. We finish our drinks then go into the middle of the crowded floor. I'm feeling pretty fucked now but I had a bad nights sleep the night before and now it's 1.15am and i'm feeling tired.
I head to the toilet and see a girl off my course. I know she's become a drug head so I tell her to give me some of her Mcat but she says her friends got it and tries to find him. She used to be really normal, she used to judge me for smoking. And now in the last 8 months she stopped going to any classes and is having to retake her final year next year. And now she takes a lot of drugs and looks like a total crack head. Sucks for her but it's good to know these sorts of people. Firstly; because they can give you drugs. Secondly; because they're always worse off than you so it makes you feel better.
I end up losing her and then we go home at 2.15am.
K and I live close but S lives a little further away so we're a little wary leaving her with the taxi man. We both give him a good talking to and we text her every minute to make sure she's alive.
Are you home???
What's your middle name??
Mariam! xx
Ok, i believe you. I'm glad you didn't get raped.

Now i'm just waiting for 2 housemates to eat soup so we can go and sit in the park and I can read Kafka.

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Anonymous said...

I love drinking and Kafka. In that order.