Sunday, 6 June 2010

Summer Ball + Last Night

T'was Friday, and at 9pm we made our way to the University to catch a coach to Latherton Hall. I looked like this throughout the night:

And we arrived and it looked like this:

We got into an area with fairground rides surrounded by food vans, portaloos and 5 large tents. We made our way to the bar tent and I got a bottle of wine to keep me satisfied for the night. I saw a few hundred people I know and we sat in an area outside chatting and drinking. At 1am we made our way to the main tent to watch Florence and the Machine. Most people managed to lose each other and now I was only with 3 other people. Florence didn't come on until 1.40am, 40 minutes late. How hard is it to keep on time?
So she sang some songs and it was great.

But then this happened:
And she got back on stage after crowd surfing.
Whoever just touched me like that should be ashamed! You don't touch women like that! You bastard!
Then she ran off stage for a minute, came back on with her make-up running down her face and said I'm going to carry on because I don't want 1 person to ruin it for everyone. Eerm Flo, by one person you mean YOU right? Get a fucking grip, you just jumped into a crowd of horny students, so what if someone tried to slip in a finger, you brought it on yourself and I doubt you got pregnant from it. Despite all this I thought she put on a great show, her voice is pretty amazing live.
After this the rest of night was spent trying to find people, which we partly accomplished, having gained 5 other people. At 4.15am we decided to get the coach home. We arrived back at our house and found 1 girl housemate lying on our front steps. She'd lost everyone, didn't bring a key or phone, so decided to go home at 12.30am. I lost everyone for 30 minutes but I just walked around until I found someone, it wasn't hard, we knew a lot of people there.

Last night. I met 7 people from where I used to work. I looked like this:

And sent that to Jon, because we've been texting recently.
One Italian meal later and i'm back in my usual bar but somehow it's filled with annoying orange girls and self obsessed men. So we leave and go to another bar where we dance to T-rex and The Undertones and Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash. A friend knows a barman so we get a bottle of wine and countless other drinks free.
I go out for a cig and a tall blond boy comes up to me.
You wanna hear something funny?
I'll brace myself.
I saw you from the back and thought you were ---------.
Oh, ok.
You look a lot like him.
For once I take a compliment because the person i'm being compared to is hot.
Thank you.
You've got a great personality too.
He knew this from our 10 second conversation apparently.
Thank you.
You're a good looking boy :)
I finish my cig half way through and go back inside in case i start falling in love.
The night ends at 3am and I go home, text Jon for about an hour then pass out.


Anonymous said...

So, are those pictures of you or are they someone who you looked like?

Andy said...

That's me.