Thursday, 27 January 2011

Last Night

Tuesday 25 January

I'd had maybe 5 doubles, 3 cheeky vimtos and 3 shots. And I was pretty buzzed and I think Blur-Tender was playing. I was wearing a white t-shirt with blue stripes on the bottom half, and black levis 519s and my brown brogues and it was around 1am.
I was dancing with J and JD and I looked into the crowd and saw a boy (is 26 still a boy? And I'm only guessing he was about 26 but I have no idea) smiling at me. Around 6ft, tan skin, short quiffed hair, cheekbones to die for. He wore, actually I can't recollect what he wore but he looked like my kind of person.
So I carried on swaying to Blur and held eye contact and returned the smile. He motioned me over with his finger, but I never follow that, so I carried on smiling and he started towards me.
I don't know what happened but he charmed me in some way and 10 minutes later I knew he was called Simon and I was letting him pull my face towards his and had a hand on his chest and the other on his waist. We kissed a lot and he bought me a drink and then we went out side for a cigarette. But I can't remember what we talked about. But I remember I liked him which is a pretty good sign considering I hate most people.
I know at one point later in the night I was inside sitting on a leather sofa next to J and I think The Knife-Pass This On was playing. And I saw Simon across the room, and he looked at me and just lifted up his top to show his total 6 pack. So I left J mid conversation and went for some more of Simon's sweet sweet sugar (ew).
We swapped numbers and I remember that i'd forgotten his name when I went to type it my phone so he put it in, his full name, which I told him was weird.
He asked me to go back to his but I said no. I didn't want to leave J getting a taxi back to his alone, it's expensive.
And that's all I remember, apart from a text I sent him at 5.13am saying 'What happened to you Simon?'
He text me back at 9.43am and I woke at 1pm and text him back. We chatted for awhile; I was lay on the couch and he was buying a house.
I want more of Simon. I hope he wants more of me.
Here's pics from his facebook.


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely!

Go for it gently but with touches of romance.

Then get ravished!

Anonymous said...

he's a fucking hottie.

Lust For Life said...

In Search Of-I know right.